AngularJS $broadcast with multiple parameters

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Can I have a $broadcast $on with multiple parameters, something like:

$scope.$broadcast('event',$scope.item, $scope.item);

Is it possible to have something like this or something similar in any case ?

Just put the parameters into an object:

$scope.$broadcast('event', { a: item1, b: item2 })

Then access them from the second argument to the callback:

$scope.$on('event', function(event, opt) {
 // access opt.a, opt.b

Or if using ES2015 syntax you can unpack the arguments:

$scope.$on('event', (event, {a,b}) => {
 // access them just as a, b

Use $broadcast(), $emit() and $on() in AngularJS, In this article I will discuss how to raise events using $broadcast() and the AngularJS event system requires bit more understanding as multiple from one controller to another that data can go as this second parameter. Here's how Web API handles parameters and how you can optionally manage multiple parameters to API Controller methods. If you send the OAuth 1. Call POST HTTP Method with Express. I am unable to post multiple rows on single of a button. The multiple versions of the Angular HTTP module all have an RxJS Observable-based API.

Documentation says:

'Optional one or more arguments which will be passed onto the event listeners'

$rootScope.$emit(event_name, p1, p2, p3);

AngularJS $broadcast with multiple parameters - angularjs - html, I was wondering if I can have a $broadcast $on with multiple parameters something like: $scope.$broadcast('event',$scope.item, $scope.item); Is it possible to� When objectEquality == true, inequality of the watchExpression is determined according to the angular.equals function. To save the value of the object for later comparison, the angular.copy function is used. This therefore means that watching complex objects will have adverse memory and performance implications.

$scope.$broadcast('broadcast-my-event', anyVariable);
anyVariable = {key1: value1, key2: value2};
// or
anyVariable = [value1, value2, value3];

AngularJS: API: $rootScope.Scope, watchExpression should not change its value when executed multiple times If these two values are identical ( === ) then the listener was called due to initialization. The event life cycle starts at the scope on which $broadcast was called. The array contains objects. The objects can contain multiple key value pairs used to create dynamic queries where you can look for matching records using column names compared with the column's row values. You wouldn't get this level of dynamic querying passing CSV parameters. – user3777549 Jul 6 '18 at 3:09

How to broadcast events in AngularJS, Adding parameters. If you want you can pass any parameter when you $ broadcast : $rootScope.$broadcast('my-cool-event', { hello: { day: 1 } });. In a local storage and playback broadcast system, multiple copies of one or more processing parameters used in individual receivers for the local storage and playback are broadcast. In some

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