jq - iterate through dictionaries

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My json knowledge is shaky, so pardon me if I use the wrong terminology.

I have input.txt which can be simplified down to this:

    "foo1": "bar1",
    "baz1": "fizz1"
    "foo2": "bar2",
    "baz2": "fizz2"

I want to iterate through each object via a loop, so I'm essentially hoping to tackle just the 1's first, then loop through the 2's, etc.

I thought it was something like:

jq 'keys[]' input.json | while read key ; do
    echo "loop --$(jq "[$key]" input.json)"

but that's giving me

loop 0
loop 1

where I would expect to see (spacing here is optional, not sure how jq would parse it):

loop { "foo1": "bar1", "baz1": "fizz1" }
loop { "foo2": "bar2", "baz2": "fizz2" }

What am I missing?

No need to use bash, you can do this in jq itself:

jq -r 'keys[] as $k | "loop: \(.[$k])"' file.json

loop: {"foo1":"bar1","baz1":"fizz1"}
loop: {"foo2":"bar2","baz2":"fizz2"}

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What about using the -c option:

$ jq -c '.[]' file | sed 's/^/loop /'
loop {"foo1":"bar1","baz1":"fizz1"}
loop {"foo2":"bar2","baz2":"fizz2"}

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Assuming response is a variable containing your data :

echo "$response" | jq --raw-output '.[] | "loop " + tostring'
loop {"foo1":"bar1","baz1":"fizz1"}
loop {"foo2":"bar2","baz2":"fizz2"}

Hope it helps!

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  • Generally, if you want to do something to each object, try to do it in the jq filter. Otherwise, you should probably process the JSON using a language that can decode the JSON into a proper data structure, rather than using the shell.