How to remove the first special character in MYSQL

I have sample Data

| Id | Name      |
|  1 | $John     |
|  2 | $Carol    |
|  3 | $Mike     | 
|  4 | $Sam      |
|  5 | $David$Mohan$ |
|  6 | Robert$Ram$   |  
|  8 | Maxwell$ |

I need to remove the only $ first character

Need output :

| Id | Name      |
|  1 | John     |
|  2 | Carol    |
|  3 | Mike     | 
|  4 | Sam      |
|  5 | David$Mohan$ |
|  6 | Robert$Ram$   |  
|  8 | Maxwell$ |

Select REPLACE(col,'$','') from Tbl

I have tried with Replace and Substring but still missing the point . Can anyone suggest me .

You can use a case expression and string operations:

(case when col like '$%' then substr(col, 2) else col end)

remove first character from mysql field, SQL starts counting from 1 and not 0. Try this: UPDATE `llx_societe` SET ` code_client`= SUBSTR(code_client,2) WHERE `code_client`� Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Jobs Programming & related technical career opportunities

    WHEN SUBSTRING(Name, 1, 1) = '$' THEN SUBSTRING(Name, 2, LENGTH(Name)-1)   
    ELSE Name
FROM myTable; 

MySQL TRIM() function, The following MySQL statement returns the string after removing the leading and trailing spaces from the given string ' trim '. SELECT TRIM(' trim� Following is the query to remove special characters − mysql> update DemoTable -> set StudentId=replace(StudentId,'#',''); Query OK, 3 rows affected (0.13 sec) Rows matched: 3 Changed: 3 Warnings: 0 Let us check the table records once again −

If you are running MySQL 8.0, you can do this with just on invokation of regexp_replace():

select regexp_replace(name, '^$', '') name from mytable

Regexp '^$' means: a dollar sign at the beginning of the string. If the string does not match the regexp, regexp_replace() returns it untouched.

MySQL SUBSTRING() function, A string. pos, Starting position. len, Length in characters. Syntax Diagram: MySQL SUBSTRING() Function - Syntax� Remove or Trim First or Last Few Characters in MySQL Database with SQL. Previous Next. Remove or Trim First or Last Few Characters in MySQL Database with SQL. A nother useful string function in MySQL database is TRIM () which will return a text string after removing the matching leading or trailing characters, also known as prefixes or suffixes.

How to Remove Leading and Trailing Characters in MySQL , MySQL has a TRIM() function that enables you to remove leading You can also specify that only a specific series of characters are trimmed: 1. Combine RIGHT and LEN to Remove the First Character from the Value. Using a combination of RIGHT and LEN is the most suitable way to remove the first character from a cell or from a text string. This formula simply skips the first character from the text provided and returns the rest of the characters.

Remove first 3 letters in mySql Column, For example removing the first 3 characters you will need to use SUBSTR(field, 4 ). Ronan Cashell Senior Oracle/MySQL Administrator First, specify the trim_character, which is the character that the TRIM function will remove. If you do not specify trim_character the TRIM function will remove the blank spaces from the source string. Second, place the source_string followed the FROM clause.

Removing the First and Last Character From a Table Column in SQL , In this article I provide a quick overview of the various Queries to remove the first and last character from a string in SQL Server. I will like to know how I can remove some specific characters is a string. I have some strings of characters that contain this; [some_string this_id="1"]. I want to take out the number "1" name as "id_number" and remove the rest, [some_string this_id=""]. Is this possible in MySQL? Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks!

  • Can you show exactly what you have tried?
  • Have you read this?
  • @Martin check i have added what i have tried
  • Question is already answered, as @Martin identified:
  • @mohan111 You mean any special character or $ specifically?
  • when I'm wrapping this procedure it is not working and as select it is working
  • @mohan111: to start with: are you running MySQL 8.0, or an earlier version?
  • 8.0.13-commercial
  • @mohan111: ok so this should work for you. I cannot tell what the probelm is with your procedure, but probably this is not related to regexp_replace() itself...
  • If i take the statement from procedure and pass the inputs in WHERE condition it is working fine but while calling from procedure it is giving NULLS