How do I remove spaces, brackets and everything in between using REGEX in Javascript

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Cant seem to find the same question on here, so here goes,

my string that i want to edit is: +44 (0)1234 123321 I want to remove:

  1. All spaces
  2. Both brackets
  3. Anything inside the brackets

So it should output as +441234123321


Ive already tried:

const phoneRaw = phone.replace(/\([^\)\(]*\)/, ""); const phoneRaw = phone.replace(/[( )]/g); <-- This gets rid of brackets and spaces

let string = '+44 (0)1234 123321';
let regex = /\s+|\(.*?\)/g;
let result = string.replace(regex,'');

\s+ matches any whitespace. \(.*\) matches anything inside of parenthesis.

JavaScript/regex: Remove text between parentheses, var prevStr; do { prevStr = str; str = str. replace(/\([^\)\(]*\)/, ""); } while (prevStr != str); InDesign: how to remove everything between square brackets , test{{this should not be selected and the curly brackets too}} but this one { or } should be selected. In regex-builder I can get matches with the following: But when I try to do any kind of regex-replace across the file, with a replace pattern like {\1} I get 0 matches. Flummoxed.

What about this?

phoneRaw = '+44 (0)1234 123321';

function clearPhoneNumber (phone) {
  return phoneRaw.replace(/(\(\d+\))|[^\d]/g, '');


It will replace anything in between (...) and anything that isn't a number.

If you want to keep the + sign, you can use this instead, inside that function:

return phoneRaw.replace(/(\(\d+\))|[^\d|\+]/g, '');

Remove everything from text except what is in brackets with Regex , RegEx for Remove everything from text except what is in brackets with Regex. Test String. [D-1.1.1-A] - bla bla text here[D-1.1.1-B] - some more bla bla text� you are right the sed -e 's/([[^]]*)( )/\1/' replace the last space between the brackets. the sed you provided me is the right one. THANK YOU – ekassis Feb 1 '13 at 17:20 I found this query when I was interested in remove spaces between double quotes.

try this.

let str = '+44 (0)1234 123321';
console.log(str.replace(/\(.*?\)|[^0-9+]/g, '')); 

JavaScript RegExp Object, The search pattern can be used for text search and text replace operations. In JavaScript, regular expressions are often used with the two string methods: search() and replace() . The search() method uses [abc], Find any of the characters between the brackets, Try it �. [0-9], Find \s, Find a whitespace character, Try it �. A simple cheatsheet by examples. UPDATE! Check out my new REGEX COOKBOOK about the most commonly used (and most wanted) regex 🎉. Regular expressions (regex or regexp) are extremely useful in

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Strings between the curly braces, Match anything enclosed by square brackets. Blocking site with unblocked games � Find Substring within a string that begins and ends with paranthesis I am using zone ocr to capture a value example G123456 A I need to remove the blank space between the 6 and the A. I have tried a number of variations such as \w[0-9]+ this returns G123456 any help would be appreciated.

Links to help debug RegEx: Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE., here, you see your RegEx as a diagram , it is helpful to understand where is a problem.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm

  • Why has this got negative rating for a simple question?
  • Because you're asking us to do your job. You should, at least, try it yourself, post your tries, and then let us help if you don't understand something
  • Do you not think I've already tried? Hence the reason I'm here in the first place, I dont understand REGEX in general if I'm honest.
  • \s* also matches the emptiness between all characters. Is there any reason to prefer that over \s+?
  • Good catch, I'll fix that.
  • Thank you very much! Appreciate it
  • Needs a global flag (g), otherwise it will just replace the first space and nothing else.
  • Also, making it non-greedy would cover multiple sets of parenthesis /\s+|\(.*?\)/g