Hide scrollbar in FlatList (React Native) in Android

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I am trying to use FlatList (React-native) in my app. I am using it horizontally and can see the scrollbar. There is an option in ScrollView to hide the scrollbar but not in FlatList. Has anyone been able to hide it some other way. I tried using the solution of parent & child container (Hide scroll bar, but still being able to scroll) but did not work.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Text, View, FlatList, StyleSheet, ScrollView } from 'react-native';
import { Card, Button } from 'react-native-elements';

const data = [
    { id: 1, title: 'title 1', details: 'details 1 details 1 details 1' },
    { id: 2, title: 'title 2', details: 'details 2 details 2 details 2 details 2 details 2 details 2' },
    { id: 3, title: 'title 3', details: 'details 3 details 3' },
    { id: 4, title: 'title 4 title 4', details: 'details 4' },
class CategoryRow extends Component {

    _keyExtractor = (item, index) => item.id;

    _renderItem = (item) => {
        return (
            <Card style={styles.cardContainer}>

    render() {
        return (
            <View style={{ flex: 1, overflow:'hidden' }}>
                <View style={{ overflow:'hidden' }}>
                    <Text>Category 1</Text>
                        renderItem={({ item }) => this._renderItem(item)}


const styles = StyleSheet.create({
    cardContainer: {
        width: 140,
        height: 150,
        borderWidth: 0.5,
        borderColor: 'grey',
        overflow: 'scroll',

export default CategoryRow;

Just add


react-native: Hide scrollbar in FlatList (React Native) in Android, I am trying to use FlatList (React-native) in my app. I am using it horizontally and can see the scrollbar. There is an option in ScrollView to hide� So in this tutorial we would React Native Disable Hide ScrollBar ScrollIndicator in ScrollView Android iOS Example Tutorial. Contents in this project Hide ScrollBar ScrollIndicator in ScrollView in React Native Android iOS Example Tutorial: 1. Open your project’s main App.js file and import StyleSheet, ScrollView, Text, Image and View component.

If you are trying to hide the vertical scrollbar use this:


some way to hide scrollbar in ScrollView � Issue #3912 � facebook , Is there some way to hide the scrollbar of the ScrollView. seems horizontal scrollbar is hidden in iOS,but not android Its in the docs https://facebook.github. io/react-native/docs/scrollview.html#� I am developing a React Native application for Learning purposes. Now I am using FlatList in my application. But I am having a problem. My flat list is not scrolling to see all the items. It bounces back when I tried to scroll it out of screen size. I used the solutions I found online adding the flex to 1 on the root, but it is not working.

try this to make ListView horizontal add (horizontal={true}) mentioned below and if you just want to hide the scrollbar just add (showsHorizontalScrollIndicator={false})

<ListView showsHorizontalScrollIndicator={false}


React Native Disable Hide ScrollBar ScrollIndicator in ScrollView, The ScrollView widget in react native has a prop named as showsVerticalScrollIndicator={} which supports Boolean values. If user pass False in showsVerticalScrollIndicator then it will disable the ScrollIndicator. I've 4 FlatLists with maxHeight set to 200 inside a ScrollView. <ScrollView> <FlatList/> <FlatList/> <FlatList/> <FlatList/> </ScrollView> and when I try to scroll a FlatList, it doesn't scroll but the ScrollView scrolls.

disable vertical and horizontal scroll indicator

  showsVerticalScrollIndicator ={false}

Hide scrollbar in ScrollView, react native scrollview show scrollbar android scrollview hide scrollbar programmatically hide scrollbar css flatlist show scrollbar remove scroll bar in flatlist If there was a prop for FlatList / SectionList such as 'verticalScrollingDisabled', this could be set by a panGestureResponder callback on children components, to disable scrolling while they are being interacted with. This would make for a much less buggy experience for the user. Additional Information. React Native version: [0.44.2] Platform

Hide vertical scroll bar


Hide horizontal scroll bar


(Add theses props in your FlatList component.)

How to Disable Scrolling on Flatlist in React Native, By default, the behavior of flatlist component of react native is to scroll. But, in some unusual situations, you may want to disable scrolling in� Without setting this prop, FlatList would not know it needs to re-render any items because it is a PureComponent and the prop comparison will not show any changes. keyExtractor tells the list to use the id s for the react keys instead of the default key property.

Creating JS components and native views for everything all at once, much of which may not even be shown, will contribute to slow rendering and increased memory usage. This is where FlatList comes into play. FlatList renders items lazily, when they are about to appear, and removes items that scroll way off screen to save memory and processing time.

Contents in this project React Native Apply Real Time Search Bar Filter on FlatList JSON Data Android iOS Example Tutorial: 1. Open your project’s main App.js file and import ActivityIndicator, Alert, FlatList, Text, StyleSheet, View, and TextInput component.

I have a FlatList inside a Content component with some other components that make the Content over height and scrollable. The problem I have that the FlatList was not able to scroll when Content scrollable. react-native, react and native-base version. react: 16.0.0-alpha.12 react-native: 0.45.1 native-base: 2.2.0. Expected behaviour

  • try showsHorizontalScrollIndicator={false}
  • for vertical try: showsVerticalScrollIndicator={false}
  • It worked but it is not mentioned in the official document as the prop for FlatList.
  • @sushilbansal because this prop inherits from ScrollView, not necesary to re-documentate....
  • @user2976753 is there anything for SafeAreaView!