How to change the style of a <select>'s <optgroup> label?

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I have a simple select box with an option group in my application.

   <optgroup label="Swedish Cars">
     <option value="volvo">Volvo</option>
     <option value="saab">Saab</option>

When it gets displayed in browser, the option group label is displayed in bold and italic; I want it to be displayed without any of those styles.

Unfortunately select boxes are one of the few things that you can add very little style to with CSS. You are usually limited to how the browser renders it.

For example, it looks like this in chrome:

And this in Firefox:

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On most browsers (tested on latest IE and FF), you can easily change the optgroup's label with CSS only:

    select optgroup{

Obviously, you can set any classname instead of the select html tag.

By the way, as other answers said, there are still few CSS options to use with select boxes and many webmasters override them using the method given by user949847. But this code above should be sufficient to match your needs.

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Firefox style the label using this rule :

optgroup:before {
    content: attr(label);
    display: block;

You can override it.

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You can style a select box using only css, it requires a sort of work around:

First, you surround it with a div and give that a class:

<div class="selectStyle">
        <option>First Option</option>
        <option>Second Option</option>

Then you make sure the select elements are styled a certain way using css:

.selectStyle select {
   background: transparent;
   width: 250px;
   padding: 4px;
   font-size: 1em;
   border: 1px solid #ddd;
   height: 25px;

And you style the div:

.selectStyle {
   width: 235px;
   height: 25px;
   overflow: hidden;
   background: url(yourArrow.png) no-repeat right #ccc;

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For a different approach to circumvent the problems with styling optgroups i suggest using disabled options.

<option disabled>[group label]</option>

you can have a shot on styling it via eg.

<style> [disabled] { color:#000; background-color:#CCC } </style>

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I don't think you could change the style of browsers' default alert boxes. You need to create your own or use a simple and customizable library like xdialog

  • So which means we cant override the style browser using for display optiongroup labels, in above screenshot Swedish cars and American cars?i wan to display those labels in Normal font weight for all browsers. I want to display that in normal font for all browsers.
  • Yeah, you cant do that with CSS, its part of the browser's chrome, unfortunately.
  • this is no longer the case, you should look at the latest answers
  • It is the case as of this writing; although, the display is not consistent across all browsers.
  • Working in IE10, FF21, Chrome28, and Opera12 as of this date. (Sorry, don't have Safari installed!) Note: On most of the mentioned browsers, the entire <optgroup> section is styled, not just the label.
  • If you apply styles to option tags as well as to optgroup tags, you can effectively control the presentation of the label without altering the standard presentation of the list items.
  • FYI this is not working on Safari and Chrome under OSX. It still works on FF.
  • i want to style only optgroup Label
  • Then you simply target the optgroup: optgroup[label="Swedish Cars"]
  • Gnanz is talking about the label attribute. Being specific about the optgroup doesn't really address his problem.
  • I noticed that this doesn't style on mobile devices. Is there a way to do that?
  • Please improve your answer by adding some explanation of your code.
  • Simple put style in head html
  • I upvoted it... just because it was not needed more explanation when the code is obvious. Is similar to comment a source code for actions that are obvious seen in the code itself. And, because I just copied and pasted it in my CSS and the group was styled perfectly :-)