Copy values between two characters VBA

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I have a problem with copy value between same characters. Example below.

Let's say we have text like this:

"asd|qweeee|1123444|45555512345|swdq|" or 

Is there any option to get value "1123444" from this string?

I want to copy values after 4 occurring character like "|".

in another words:

Copy value between 2nd "|" and 3rd "|".

Length of string is not the same.

I will be really thankful for any tips and help.

It appears as if you don't want to include empty segments when determining which to return.

That being the case, you can use a Regular Expression also:

Option Explicit
Function extrSegment(S As String, Optional Segment As Long = 3) As String
    Dim RE As Object
Set RE = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
With RE
    .Pattern = "([^|]+)"
    .Global = True
    If .Test(S) = True Then
        extrSegment = .Execute(S)(Segment - 1).submatches(0)
    End If
End With
End Function

Note that there is an optional argument in the function for which segment to return, where 1 is the first segment.

You can also do this with a worksheet formula, especially if you have Excel 2013+ with the FILTERXML function:

=FILTERXML("<t><s>" & SUBSTITUTE(A1,"|","</s><s>")& "</s></t>","//s[text()!=''][3]")

That formula, also, will exclude empty segments from the determination of which is #3. However, if the segment has leading zero's, they will be dropped by the FILTERXML function.

Both methods result in:


If you want to include empty nodes/segments in your count, then you can remove the text test from the xPath in the formula.

If you do that, FILTERXML will return an error for an empty node, so we need to test for that:

=IFERROR(FILTERXML("<t><s>" & SUBSTITUTE(E1,"|","</s><s>")& "</s></t>","//s[3]"),"")

and the UDF can be simplified to just:

Function extrSegment(S As String, Optional Segment As Long = 4, Optional Delimiter As String = "|") As String
    extrSegment = Split(S, Delimiter)(Segment-1) 'array will be 0-based
End Function

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Dim s As String, items
s = "asd|qweeee|1123444|45555512345|swdq|"

items = Split(s, "|")
MsgBox items(2)

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For your last request use the next code:

Sub testStringArr()
  Dim x As String
   x = "asd|||qweeee||1123444|45555512345|swdq|"
   Debug.Print Split(Replace(Replace(Trim(x), "|||", "|"), "||", "|"), "|")(2)
End Sub

But, if your string containing "| | |" comes from a function which could not find some elements and introduced spaces " " separated by "|", it is better to know where from this string is extracted and use it like it is, without the sausage formula. Just split it by "|" and return the appropriate number of array element according to your investigation about the string origine.

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I am trying to write VBA for the below. If the value in column AA is =”-” and the value in column AC is $0.00 then copy the value in column X to Column AA. My data set is ever changing so I can not set specific ranges and it may be the case where I don’t have data the satisfies the above criteria.

  • What do you mean by "ignore ||? What about |||? What would you expect for output from line 3 above?
  • For example we have text like this: "ED1|22222|123123123|FFFF|DDDD" and "ED1|22222||FFFF|DDDD" And I want to give me "FFFF" from both, any tips? I am using your worksheet formula, it is better for me.
  • @Grzegorz See my Edit
  • I checked and now looks really great. Thank You Ron! Really appreciate it :)
  • What if string is like this? "asd|||qweeee||1123444|45555512345|swdq|" There is blank values between "|". Macro ignoring blank values, I don't want to. Any tips?
  • It's working for me. Perfect! That is what I was looking for. Thank you so much! :)
  • What if string is like this? "asd|||qweeee||1123444|45555512345|swdq|" There is blank values between "|". Macro ignoring blank values, I don't want to. Any tips?
  • @Grzegorz: If you are not able to set a rule able to be understood by human people and your string will not look the same, only God can do that, not Excel VBA... For your last issue, try this: Dim x As String x = "asd|||qweeee||1123444|45555512345|swdq|" Debug.Print Split(Replace(Replace(Trim(x), "|||", "|"), "||", "|"), "|")(2). I do not know if you can understand the code from here. I will try an answer...