ALT text not showing up in email (Outlook)

The issue is that if people don't "Download Images" of my email, they can't see the buttons/links or logos. They won't even know what to click on.

When I send emails the ALT/TITLE text is not showing up when viewing it in my inbox. The wierd thing is, that some are showing and some aren't. I've checked attaching style to the A and IMG tags, I've tried different imgs (.png/.jpg) and made sure there are heights & widths as well.

Some imgs are links, some aren't but the alt text not showing is not isolated to either.

I was having the same problem and after some testing I believe the issue is that Outlook won't display alt text that is wider than the image that it replaces. So your alt text should be short enough to fit on one line and will work.

ALT text not showing up in email (Outlook), I was having the same problem and after some testing I believe the issue is that Outlook won't display alt text that is wider than the image that it� No, it is not necessary to set max-width in style tag to display alt text. Max-width is generally used to fix the width of the image, so it cannot be increased if ESP is changed. We generally used Font size. font-family, line height, and color to display the alt text

Make sure your email client supports the applied style.

You can use this link:

ALT Text in HTML Email > Litmus, Fortunately, they are easy to set up and even style to fit in with your email design. Let's take a look at how images with and without ALT text are displayed. Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 preface ALT text with a lengthy security� To specify the ScreenTip / Title text in Outlook email images, simply right click over the desired image (while you are composing the email) and choose Hyperlink, then click on the ScreenTip button and enter the desired text. So, can I add ALT text to images in Outlook? Yes, you can! To add ALT text to an Outlook email image, you have two solutions: 1.

Set width and height of the image in the image tag. example is below.

 <img src="" 
             width="200" height="300"
             alt="The Labrador Retriever, or just Labrador, is a medium-large breed of retriever-gun dog. The Labrador is the most popular breed of dog in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States."> 

ALT text not showing up on major email clients like Outlook, Yahoo , Most of the major email clients not showing up the ALT text used when images failed to load. I've followed all the emailer standards, and also� When I logged into Hotmail account from my work PC, the page loaded and displayed my inbox but the text of the email are not displaying. It hangs. I could see my folders on the left showing new emails received in my inbox or junk mails received but I can't view/read or navigate between emails.

Why doesn't Outlook display my hyperlink alt text? – Help Center, This issue is not solely an Outlook issue, other email clients like Mac Mail appear to have the same rule regarding hyperlink alt text - not� To check this, open your Outlook and navigate to File > Options > Advanced > Display. Make sure that Disable hardware graphics acceleration box is checked. Note: if you did not notice any antivirus add-ins in your Outlook on Windows, try to see if there are any anti-malware programs on your mobile devices. This will help to locate the issue.

HTML ALT text is not showing in Outllok, Outlook doesn't show alt text - (it might if you use 'show picture placeholders')- but otherwise, outlook shows the text 'right click to download' title� For that reason, these browsers do not display the alt text on hovering over the image. If you want balloon text to appear when the mouse hovers over an image, add "title" to the img HTML tag as shown in the example code below. Image with only an alt attribute. (Does not show balloon text.)

Why & how to add ALT text to images in Outlook emails, Most modern email clients don't show images by default, so by adding ALT text you can describe your image even if the image itself is not� Depending on what email client or service you use to design your campaigns, there are different ways to add ALT text. Microsoft Outlook 2016 (and Office 365 Outlook) Although Outlook 2016 will allow you to add ALT text to your emails, Outlook still won’t display it in the clients. Source: Pinterest. Regardless, once you’ve drafted the email in Outlook, you can add ALT text using the “Format Picture” option from the context menu.