How to detect if the internet connection is over WiFi or Ethernet?

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Is there a way to open network settings programmatically? Closest thing I know is opening the main settings page:

let settingsURL = NSURL(string: UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString)!

I want to be able to detect if the internet connection is over WiFi or Ethernet.

The way to detect this is to look at the name of the network interfaces. For Mac and Apple TV, en0 and en1 refer to the wired and wireless interfaces respectively.

Add this to your bridging header (or create one if needed):

#include <ifaddrs.h>
#include <net/if_dl.h>

Then use this Swift code to get the information you need:

struct Networking {

    enum NetworkInterfaceType: String, CustomStringConvertible {
        case Ethernet = "en0"
        case Wifi = "en1"
        case Unknown = ""

        var description: String {
            switch self {
            case .Ethernet:
                return "Ethernet"
            case .Wifi:
                return "Wifi"
            case .Unknown:
                return "Unknown"

    static var networkInterfaceType: NetworkInterfaceType {
        if let name = Networking().getInterfaces().first?.name, let type = NetworkInterfaceType(rawValue: name) {
            return type

        return .Unknown

    static var isConnectedByEthernet: Bool {
        let networking = Networking()
        for addr in networking.getInterfaces() {
            if == NetworkInterfaceType.Ethernet.rawValue {
                return true
        return false

    static var isConnectedByWiFi: Bool {
        let networking = Networking()
        for addr in networking.getInterfaces() {
            if == NetworkInterfaceType.Wifi.rawValue {
                return true
        return false

    // Credit to Martin R for this lovely code
    // New Swift 3 implementation needed upated to replace unsafepointer calls with .withMemoryRebound
    func getInterfaces() -> [(name : String, addr: String, mac : String)] {

        var addresses = [(name : String, addr: String, mac : String)]()
        var nameToMac = [ String: String ]()

        // Get list of all interfaces on the local machine:
        var ifaddr : UnsafeMutablePointer<ifaddrs>?
        guard getifaddrs(&ifaddr) == 0 else { return [] }
        guard let firstAddr = ifaddr else { return [] }

        // For each interface ...
        for ptr in sequence(first: firstAddr, next: { $0.pointee.ifa_next }) {
            let flags = Int32(ptr.pointee.ifa_flags)
            if var addr = ptr.pointee.ifa_addr {
                let name = String(cString: ptr.pointee.ifa_name)

                // Check for running IPv4, IPv6 interfaces. Skip the loopback interface.
                if (flags & (IFF_UP|IFF_RUNNING|IFF_LOOPBACK)) == (IFF_UP|IFF_RUNNING) {
                    switch Int32(addr.pointee.sa_family) {
                    case AF_LINK:
                        nameToMac[name] = withUnsafePointer(to: &addr) { unsafeAddr in
                            unsafeAddr.withMemoryRebound(to: sockaddr_dl.self, capacity: 1) { dl in
                                dl.withMemoryRebound(to: Int8.self, capacity: 1) { dll in
                                    let lladdr = UnsafeRawBufferPointer(start: dll + 8 + Int(dl.pointee.sdl_nlen), count: Int(dl.pointee.sdl_alen))

                                    if lladdr.count == 6 {
                                        return { String(format:"%02hhx", $0)}.joined(separator: ":")
                                    } else {
                                        return nil

                    case AF_INET, AF_INET6:
                        // Convert interface address to a human readable string:
                        var hostname = [CChar](repeating: 0, count: Int(NI_MAXHOST))
                        if (getnameinfo(addr, socklen_t(addr.pointee.sa_len),
                                        &hostname, socklen_t(hostname.count),
                                        nil, socklen_t(0), NI_NUMERICHOST) == 0) {
                            let address = String(cString: hostname)
                            addresses.append( (name: name, addr: address, mac : "") )


        // Now add the mac address to the tuples:
        for (i, addr) in addresses.enumerated() {
            if let mac = nameToMac[] {
                addresses[i] = (name:, addr: addr.addr, mac : mac)

        return addresses

Usage is:



switch Networking.networkInterfaceType {
case .Ethernet:
    // do something

case .Wifi:
    // do something else


How to Determine What Kind of Internet Connection You Have , High-speed Internet, as the name indicates, should be faster than dial-up, but line to a wired or wireless network -- or to no network at all -- and then check your modem via a network cable; if you're connected via Wi-Fi, search the inside of� Under the "Properties" section, find the network adapter (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). Determine the connection speed in the Link speed (Receive/Transmit) field. Source: Windows Central. Once you complete

For iOS 12.0+, tvOS 12.0+, macOS 10.14+ and watchOS 5.0+ apps you can use NWPathMonitor to solve the problem that you described in your question. Add this code to your application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) implementation (Swift 5.1.3/Xcode 11.3.1):

let pathMonitor = NWPathMonitor()
pathMonitor.pathUpdateHandler = { path in
    if path.status == .satisfied {
        if path.usesInterfaceType(.wifi) {
        } else if path.usesInterfaceType(.cellular) {
        } else if path.usesInterfaceType(.wiredEthernet) {
        } else if path.usesInterfaceType(.loopback) {
        } else if path.usesInterfaceType(.other) {
    } else {
        print("not connected")
pathMonitor.start(queue: .global(qos: .background))

And don't forget to add import Network to the top of the file.

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You can use Reachability API.

let reachability: Reachability = Reachability.reachabilityForInternetConnection()
(reachability.currentReachabilityStatus().value == ReachableViaWiFi.value) // For WiFi
(reachability.currentReachabilityStatus().value == ReachableViaWWAN.value) // For WWAN
(reachability.currentReachabilityStatus().value == NotReachable.value) // For No Internet

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  • Could you provide a swift 3 update? There are some issues with the UnsafePointer parts
  • Reachability has no value for Ethernet. It returns ReachableViaWiFi for it instead. I think ReachableViaWiFi should be renamed to ReachableViaLAN or something in this case.
  • I agree with @saucewipe . Reachability is not detecting the difference between WiFi and Ethernet.
  • Which modules do I have to import for using Reachability in Swift?
  • You'll have to download and setup Reachability for use from Apple, or else write your own implementation yourself (it's not super tricky -- and there are many on GitHub). I concur with the above comments -- Reachability cannot separate ethernet from wlan, it just tells you wether you're on a wwan connection or not.