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I want to write a regex in JS to validate 8 digit number which can have decimals.Currently I have written /^\d+$/ which accepts any other character such as ( , * $ etc. How should I write this which should accept numbers and dot (.)

For an example, The numbers should like this.

12345 12345.80

No any other character should be allowed.

You could look for leading decimals, an optional dot and optional digits.

var regex = /^\d+\.?\d*$/;
console.log(['12345', '12345.80', '..'].map(RegExp.prototype.test, regex));

Regex in JavaScript for validating decimal numbers, EDIT: To test a string match in Javascript use the following snippet: Not Allowed: 20. , 50.89.9, 12.999, ., Null character Note this works for positive This is the function which will take decimal number with any number of decimal places and without any decimal places. Cancel and add another image. "1.", ".01" and any other characters in the string are invalid formats. Explanation: ^ - starts with \d+ - match one or more digits.\d+ - one dot, followed by one or more digits (.\d+)? - decimal part is optional. Hope this helps.

This should check for number and dots:


For Europeans who also includes commas:


JavaScript : Checking for Floating numbers, Javascript function to check if a field input contains numbers as well as decimal numbers. JavaScript: HTML Form validation - checking for Floating point numbers contains a number with no exponent, mandatory integer and fraction [0-9]+$/; if(inputtxt.value.match(decimal)) { alert('Correct, try another. Checking for Floating point numbers. A floating number has the following parts. A decimal integer. A decimal point ('.'). A fraction. An exponent (optional).

Try this


"1", "1.2", "2.22", "23412.1254673" are valid formats

"1.", ".01" and any other characters in the string are invalid formats

Explanation: ^ - starts with

\d+ - match one or more digits

.\d+ - one dot, followed by one or more digits

(.\d+)? - decimal part is optional

Hope this helps.

Validating Numbers, Cookbook of JavaScript regular expressions. The first regular expression allows one or more characters in the set [0-9] preceded or followed by and end of string respectively excludes any characters other than specified in the pattern. There may be a sign, some whole numbers, a decimal point, and decimal digits . A simple form validation for special characters with the help of JavaScripts. Form validation is an important to any website programming. If you own a website, it is then common that you have a contact form or any other form for registration, login and so on. It is necessary to do a server side and client side validation of the form before

decimal number validation through javascript, Regular Expression for 0-10 range upto 2 decimal places */ ^(\d|10)\.\d{2}$ the it is work when you enter 12345 then display decimal number. Definition and Usage. The toFixed() method converts a number into a string, rounding to a specified number of decimals. Note: if the desired number of decimals are higher than the actual number, zeros are added to create the desired decimal length.

Regular Expression For Decimal Validation, Regular Expression to regular expression for positive decimal numbers,decimal regular expression validation,regular expression non negative decimal,regex for � Any markup relating to validation errors will show on initial load unless using a method like this, or by using validations without v-model (next section). Code sample

How to restrict input box to allow only numbers and decimal point , The task is to validate the input when the user is typing something in the input box. Here we are allowing only decimal and integers but not any other symbol. Here are If it is valid, make the character valid and add to the input else not. Example How to get decimal portion of a number using JavaScript ? To support jQuery validation for non-English locales that use a comma (",") for a decimal point, and non US-English date formats, you must take steps to globalize your app. See this GitHub issue 4076 for instructions on adding decimal comma.

  • Can you add an example or two? Many numbers have decimals :-)
  • Updated the question
  • the examples are not 8 digit?
  • This should do it: /^[\d.]{8}$/ (this will also match 12.34.56 though). And /^\d+$/ does definitely not match ( or * or $.
  • I'd maybe go for /^\d+(\.\d+)?$/ to disallow trailing dots.
  • @RobbyCornelissen, if that is a requirement ...?
  • No idea if it's a requirement :)
  • This would still allow a whole range of values that are not valid decimal numbers.