Module not found error in VS code despite the fact that I installed it

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I'm trying to debug some python code using VS code. I'm getting the following error about a module that I am sure is installed.

Exception has occurred: ModuleNotFoundError
No module named 'SimpleITK'
  File "C:\Users\Mido\Desktop\ProstateX-project\src\01-preprocessing\", line 8, in <module>
    import SimpleITK as sitk

I installed the module using

sudo pip install SimpleITK

I know that it was installed because I was getting a similar error when I ran the code through the command line, and it was fixed by doing the above. I don't understand why VS code does not recognize that

sudo pip install is most likely installing globally into a Python interpreter that is different than the one that you have selected in VS Code. Please select the Python interpreter you want to use and then install explicitly using that interpreter (if you're not using a virtual environment then use something like /path/to/python -m pip install SimpleITK, although I strongly recommend using a virtual environment and to not install packages globally).

With some files, VS Code cannot find modules that exist � Issue , I've got typings for the modules installed, all files in the project compiles fine using If I just restart VS Code instead, I keep getting the errors. Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Try running pip list in VS Code to check if the module is installed, next check if your python version is correct/supports that version of SimpleITK. It may be a problem with the python interpreter that you are using for VS Code (ie. the module may be installed on a different python instance than the one your VS Code is using)

[Bug] Exception has occurred: ModuleNotFoundError No module , Environment data VS Code version: 1.28.0 Extension version (available [Bug] Exception has occurred: ModuleNotFoundError No module named 'Module' # 4712 All the packages and modules installed with pip works. Terminal in vscode is not working correctly and i&#39;ve disabled all extensions.. Anytime I try to even run a simple command like npm -v or ionic -v to just get a version number I get the erro Skip to content

I ran into this problem with VSCode and resolved it by setting my Python interpreter within VSCode to the same as the one in my system path (type "echo %PATH%" on Windows and look for Python) via the process here:

"Could not find module" with Visual Studio Code and Haskero installed, Trying to get VSCode working with Haskell, but I keep getting under the red " Could not find module" with Visual Studio Code and Haskero installed I have the same problem, everything builds fine with stack however I can't find the menu. In fact, there was only one other library out there that I was able to find that was � Thanks for your response, I am using Python3, have selected PyNumbers as the virtenv as per Mosh's NumPy tutorial in Python for Beginners. With that in mind I have followed his instructions (which did not entail much )to the letter. Any help in figuring out why the module can not be found while trying to import numpy would be greatly appreciated.

After install new module with pip if vscode not recognize it reload vscode.

install module with python3 -m pip install {new_module}

Reload vscode: Ctrl+Shift+P, select Reload window

Get Started Tutorial for Python in Visual Studio Code, The specified module could not be found error is a DLL error. It usually shows on the Windows startup or warming up. This issue may also occur when working with various programs or trying to connect to the Internet. The specified module could not be found Windows 10 error may be caused by various reasons.

Thank you Lisa, That was exactly what I have been doing. I found that the servers where the same on one hotfix left. Hotfix: KB933137 is about that MS did not ship reportviewer correctly :-(. What would greatly improve if you are listening MS is that you send an email alert out to everybody who downloaded from your instead of having to dig in the enormous amount of bugs you simply

I am suddenly getting a Module not found errors. When I click ok the vba window pops up and all the code is there. This just started a couple hours ago. Does anyone know why this might suddenly be happening? It has happened with code that was running fine a few hours ago.

The seemingly simple import statement found in Python is Book module doesn’t exist. In fact, of the same kind of errors we’re seeing above in the 2.7 code.

  • Maybe Python path has not been updated in the VS code. Have you checked that? Perhaps closing all instances of VS code and then trying again might resolve the problem.
  • This answer solved my problem. Even though I set up a virtual environment, the integrated terminal was natively pointing at a different Python. So modules installed by running pip in the terminal's Python were available to the terminal, but not accessible to workspace files running in it. Any idea how to get the terminal to use the same Python as the rest of the workspace? i.e. The one in the virtual environment?
  • If you have a virtual environment selected in the extension (and the extension is loaded), then when you open a new terminal the extension will activate that shell for the virtual environment so that python will point to the interpreter you want.
  • So now I'm having the problem with the pandas module. I ran pip list, pandas is installed. The python version in VS Code is 2.7, and it does support pandas, so I'm not sure what's going on
  • vscode let's you select the virtualenv if it is activated