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I have a table with 3 columns: id start_service stop_service

I have already managed to catch the time difference between start_service and stop_service using this query:

$query = "SELECT
  TIMEDIFF (stop_service, start_service)  AS tempo 
  user_establishment ORDER BY id";

Now I need to add all the results of this query and divide by the number of records, so as to obtain the average time of all services.

The main problem is the conversion of the hours.

Can someone please help me?

Following query will be used to get average of time difference. No need to add ORDER BY clause while using AVG() function in mysql query. It saves time to being execute.

$query = "SELECT AVG(TIMEDIFF(stop_service, start_service)) AS tempo FROM user_establishment";

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Try this if you need to get your results in hours. You can omit the division by 3600 if you need to have it in seconds (this is what I would do and then manipulate it in my code afterwards).

AVG(TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(stop_service, start_service)))/3600  AS tempo 

Hope this helps!

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If you want the average time difference in hours upto two decimal points, you can try the below query.

select ROUND(AVG(TIME_TO_SEC(tempo)/3600), 2) as avg_time
from (
    select TIMEDIFF(stop_service, start_service) as tempo
    from user_establishment
) as timeline

You can modify the average time diff as per your need.

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Use this query for the average

         TIMEDIFF( stop_service , start_service)))),"%H %i")  AS tempo 
user $conn = $conexao->query($consulta) or die($conexao->error); 
while ($resultado = $conn->fetch_array()) 
  { echo $resultado["tempo"];  
create table user_establishment ( stop_service datetime, start_service dateTIME)
insert into user_establishment ( stop_service , start_service) Values 
("2020-01-10 13:10:11", "2020-01-10 11:10:10"),
("2020-01-10 13:10:11", "2020-01-10 11:10:10"),
("2020-01-10 13:10:11", "2020-01-10 11:10:10"),
("2020-01-10 13:10:11", "2020-01-10 11:10:10");
       TIMEDIFF( stop_service , start_service)))),"%H:%i") as tempo
FROM user_establishment;
| tempo |
| :---- |
| 02:00 |

db<>fiddle here

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  • Thank you Eduardo. Have a look at an answer given below.
  • in the "service start" field I have the following time: 03:19:15 in the field "fim_servico" I have the following time: 03:20:18 the result I got with your code was: 54.0000 it would have to be in hours
  • It is getting the average result of all the rows at once. I think you are looking to calculate the difference between stop & start in hours record wise? am i correct?
  • I need to calculate the average of the difference between start_service and end_service and show the result in hours format too
  • FROM (SELECT TIMEDIFF (inicio_servico, fim_servico) AS tempo FROM usuario_estabelecimento) tempo"; $conn = $conexao->query($consulta) or die($conexao->error); while ($resultado = $conn->fetch_array()) { echo $resultado["tempo"]; } I HAVE THE ERROR: UNDEFINED INDEX 'TEMPO'
  • I need to calculate the average of the difference between start_service and end_service and show the result em hours and minutes