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I am using Umbraco 7 and I have created a data type that uses the property type dropdown list publishing keys. How can I get the id of each prevalue?

Thanks in advance.

Something ike this.

You need to reference:

@using umbraco.cms.businesslogic.datatype

Then get the Datatype Id from :

var dataTypeId = umbraco.cms.businesslogic.datatype.DataTypeDefinition
                .GetAll().First(d=> d.Text == "DataTypeName").Id;

var preValues = PreValues.GetPreValues(dataTypeId).Values;
var enumerator = preValues.GetEnumerator();
while (enumerator.MoveNext())
    var preValueText = ((PreValue)enumerator.Current).Value;

datatype prevalues in umbraco 8 - Umbraco 8, Hey! I need to get the prevalues of a Data Type on my hompage. I�m using Umbraco 8. This is my master-head: @inherits Umbraco.Web. 1. Create an Umbraco Data type. In the Developer tab of Umbraco, click on the dots next to Data Types and create a new data type. Enter a name and choose dropdown list as the property editor. Add the values you want to appear in the dropdown list. Then click on Save. After you have pressed save, make a note of the id at the end of the url. 2.

You can use the DataTypeService on the Umbraco helper


v8 prevalues from a specific data type - Umbraco 8, Hi, how do i get the prevalues from a specific data type in v8 ? out preId); if ( parse) { var helper = new UmbracoHelper(UmbracoContext. The Data Type is the type you specify to the property you add to your document type, the data type you pick will determine the control that will be displayed to the content editor, it also determine the data that will be stored. Note that some of these datatypes will need some customization before you can use them. Approved Color:

In Umbraco 7.x, umbraco.cms.businesslogic.datatype.DataTypeDefinition is deprecated.

Instead, I used the following. Thanks to @Kerpalito's answer for the start, but I didn't want to have to hard-code my Data Type's ID, as it can change between environments. The name is the same in all environments.

public List<string> GetPrevalues()
        List<string> toReturn = new List<string>();

        IDataTypeDefinition dataType = ApplicationContext.Current.Services.DataTypeService.GetDataTypeDefinitionByName("My Data Type Name");

        if (dataType == null)
            return toReturn;

        PreValueCollection preValues = ApplicationContext.Current.Services.DataTypeService.GetPreValuesCollectionByDataTypeId(dataType.Id);

        if (preValues == null)
            return toReturn;

        IDictionary<string, PreValue> tempDictionary = preValues.FormatAsDictionary();

        toReturn = tempDictionary.Select(p => p.Value.Value).ToList();

        return toReturn;

getting prevalues of checklist, get the property type id of the checklist var id = mem. Name")" method for getting dataType definition, then use this id for getting prevalues. As Umbraco has grown it probably isn't obvious that the prevalues could be used in this way. If we contrast it against the propertyData table, that allows the user to store data as ntext, nvarchar and date. However prevalues only allow for nvarchar(2500) which feels like a number that has been good for awhile, but needs to be lifted IMHO.

   @foreach (var categoryPrevalue in ApplicationContext.Services.DataTypeService.GetPreValuesByDataTypeId(**-42**).ToList())

        <li><a href="#">@categoryPrevalue</a></li>

"-42" should be changed to your Datatypeid in Umbraco backoffice.

Umbraco get PreValues in a data type, Something ike this. You need to reference: @using umbraco.cms.businesslogic. datatype. Then get the Datatype Id from : var dataTypeId� Changing the type of prevalue editor. Of course you aren’t limited to a simple text input if you take a look at the available out of the box types (found in \Umbraco\Views\prevalueeditors ) You’ll find. So if I want to update my matrix prop editor to have numeric prevalues (since I need to define number or rows and columns)

In Umbraco 8, use this code:

          var _dataTypeService = Services.DataTypeService;
          var blogCategories = (DropDownFlexibleConfiguration)_dataTypeService.GetDataType(1142).Configuration;
          foreach (var value in blogCategories.Items)
            <option value="@value.Value">@value.Value</option>

Umbraco, I decide to use umbraco dropdown list data type to store pre-defined values for some properties and display as dropdown list on the frontend. It� U4-4673 - Upload data type - Can't add prevalues for thumbnails. Created by Max Beda 11 Apr 2014, 08:11:37 Updated by Shannon Deminick 25 Aug 2014, 22:53:23

Getting prevalues for dropdown lists in Umbraco, i would share the solution to getting the pre values from a Data Type, as the documentation for this on the Umbraco website seems to have� Relates to: U4-9682 Subtask of: U4-9609 In code I use UmbracoMapper package to map a media to my model _mapper.Map(media, model). Recently I found that on every request Umbraco goes to DB (instead of using cache) to get "crops" property.

Geting PreValues from Umbraco Data Type, PreValues are the data values stored in Umbraco datatypes, such as a Then I get the PreValues for that datatype using the GetPreValues()� //get the data type name from the backoffice under developer -> datatypes var datatype = Umbraco.DataTypeService.GetDataTypeDefinitionByName("Data Type Name"); var preValues = Umbraco.DataTypeService.GetPreValuesByDataTypeId(datatype.Id); Now you have the prevalues, you can populate a select list:

Umbraco, Choose "Umbraco data type Prevalues" as the Type, and your new Notice that there is a final, extra choice which will have the following�