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I want to change the number format with (,) in thousands, for example 2000 to 2,000 20000 to 20,000 and so on. I have tried to browse and I found a suitable library that is cleave.js, but there is one problem in this library which is that I can only recognize one selector, while there are lots of input texts that I want to change, does anyone have another solution?

var cleave = new Cleave('.loan_max_amount', {
    numeral: true,
    numeralThousandsGroupStyle: 'thousand'

You can only apply a cleave instance to one element at a time:

.input-element here is a unique DOM element. If you want to apply Cleave for multiple elements, you need to give different CSS selectors and apply to each of them, effectively, you might want to create individual instance by a loop

- Cleave Documentation

Following this advice, you can achieve this by using .querySelectorAll() with .forEach() to loop over all elements with your class and apply a cleave instance to each element like so:

document.querySelectorAll('.loan_max_amount').forEach(inp => new Cleave(inp, {
  numeral: true,
  numeralThousandsGroupStyle: 'thousand'
<script src=""></script>

<input type="text" class="loan_max_amount" />
<input type="text" class="loan_max_amount" />

How to change Phone number format in input as you type?, In this tutorial you'll learn how to format, real time, user input in a form field. spaces, removing unexpected characters, and changing the word-casing. input field with a placeholder text hinting at the license number format. You should remove all the text formatting of your input and save it as the number that's entered. I have made a test on my side, please take a try with the following workaround: Set the OnSelect property of the "Save" button as below: Patch(Table1, Defaults(Table1), {ProductName:TextInput1.Text, ProductArea:TextInput2.Text, Price:Value

You can use Intl.NumberFormat

const number = 123456.789;

console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat('de-DE', { style: 'currency', currency: 'EUR' }).format(number));
// expected output: "123.456,79 €"

// the Japanese yen doesn't use a minor unit
console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat('ja-JP', { style: 'currency', currency: 'JPY' }).format(number));
// expected output: "¥123,457"

// limit to three significant digits
console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat('en-IN', { maximumSignificantDigits: 3 }).format(number));
// expected output: "1,23,000"

It's not from cleave.js but you can find it here:

Form Design: How to Automatically Format User Input, input elements of type number are used to let the user enter a number. that don 't support inputs of type number , a number input falls back to type text . For example, to adjust the width of the input to be only as wide as is� How to Format a License Number. Another type of input where it makes sense to apply this approach is the “License Number” input. The Envato Market license number or purchase code, for example, is 36 characters long and comprises letters, numbers, and a few dashes. Entering it correctly on authors’ websites is vital if you need support!

You can do something like this.

$(".test").on('keyup', function(){
    var n = parseInt($(this).val().replace(/\D/g,''),10);
<script src=""></script>
<input type="text" class="test" id="formattedNumberField" value="" />
<input type="text" class="test" id="formattedNumberField1" value="" />

<input type="number">, By using ASCII code; By using replace(), isNan() function. Example 1: Example below illustrate Input[type=”text”] allow only Numeric Value� Select the range with numbers that you want to change to text. 2. Click Kutools > Content > Convert between Text and Number. See screenshot: 3. In the Convert between Text and Number dialog box, check the Number to text option, and then click the OK or Apply button. And all numbers have been converted to text in the original range. See screenshot:

you can use toLocaleString()

Sample snippet

var n = 34523453.345
let seperated = n.toLocaleString()

How to force Input field to enter numbers only using JavaScript , a number format that should be applied to a text input parse - the function that handles a real value kept by the control; edit - the function that handles a value� Definition and Usage. The <input type="number"> defines a field for entering a number. Use the following attributes to specify restrictions: max - specifies the maximum value allowed

You don't need to add library for this, you can achieve it with simple regex.This also works for decimal numbers.

const formatNumber = (num)=> {
  return num.toString().replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, '$1,')

format of ui.text, Properties Webix Docs, Select Custom from the Category list on the left of the Number Format dialog box. Copy the syntax found in the Type input box. HTML Input Text Box is needed when the website has to take input from a user. If in your application have a sign up or sign in functionality, then you need to take input like Name, user ID and password etc. This can be done by a Text Box Field in HTML. To Create a HTML Input Text Box you need to dine type=”text” attribute in <input> tag. In

Formatting the Numbers in an Excel Text String, in Numbers on your Mac, display page numbers, and dates, time, and A spreadsheet's language and region determine the formatting conventions of the text—for example, whether commas an input source for that language (for example, a second keyboard) in System Change a spreadsheet's language and formatting. The TEXT function requires two arguments: a value, and a valid Excel format. You can apply any formatting you want to a number as long as it’s a format that Excel recognizes. For example, you can enter this formula into Excel to display $99: =TEXT(99.21,"$#,###") You can enter this formula into Excel to display 9921%: =TEXT(99.21,"0%")

Format a spreadsheet for another language in Numbers on Mac , The TEXT function lets you change the way a number appears by applying formatting Note: The TEXT function will convert numbers to text, which may make it� See also: 222 Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac Where to enter custom formats. At the bottom of the predefined formats, you'll see a category called custom. The Custom category shows a list of codes you can use for custom number formats, along with an input area to enter codes manually in various combinations.

TEXT function - Office Support, Be aware that a string containing a number is not enough. See the numfmt error docs for more information and an example of how to convert your model if� If you want Excel to treat certain types of numbers as text, you can use the text format instead of a number format. For example, If you are using credit card numbers, or other number codes that contain 16 digits or more, you must use a text format.

  • can you give me, example code?
  • What do you mean, one selector? '.loan_max_amount' will target all inputs that have the loan_max_amount class, there can be as many as you want
  • @Newbie123 added the answer kindly check, no need to have a library to show to the ui
  • yes one selector will select all the classes that exist, and change it to the format that I want
  • You can select the elements using document.querySelectorAll(), loop through it and format the value for each selector
  • Doesn't better new Intl.NumberFormat ?
  • Yes me too ! I didn't know toLocaleString is working like this before :> Thz.
  • Intl.NumberFormat e.g isn't a library. It's also a object like new RegExp()