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I have a sponsor logo on the launch image. Is there a way to dynamically change the launch image to rotate sponsor logos?


The default image for an iphone app must be a fixed image file in your bundle. You cannot change it dynamically.

However, you can have a dynamic image that appears when the app loads after the launch image. You can set that up with animations or simply to select a random image each time.

Change splash screen in iOS app for dummies (the better way), iOS needs access to the iPhone and iPad static launch images before any of your app's code executes. The launch image idea is nothing else than give the users� Download & cache that dynamic image at some other point in application. And when user use the app for the 2nd time, show the cached image. Any solution? Can i update xcassets at run time? Or can i update the image using keypath? Update: Just found that launch screen and splash screen are 2 different things . Adding content in launch screen

According to Apple's HIG, Human Interface Guide, the splash screen is supposed to be used only as a placeholder to give the user the illusion the app is open while it completes it's startup process.

Apple will allow some use of the startup screen, but know they can and do have the right to reject your app solely on how you use it.

Like the previous answer stated, you could do anything you want after the initial startup screen has passed. Play a video, run an animation, or display a second view with your sponsored images.

And finally, I don't recommend doing this, but if you are determined to work something into the startup screen, you could try this.

The splash screen is hardcoded or set to 1 filename. Before your app closes, you could dynamically replace the hardcoded filename with a new file from a webservice or local storage, replacing the existing splash screen image. I haven't tried this, but it is more than likely possible. Just beware that it may not pass muster with Apple's approval process. Good luck.

Dynamic splash screen for iPhone or iPad application, Hi, I am a iOS developer. I have an iOS app currently running in Appstore. Previously the app had a Launch screen image which was added in LaunchScreen.xib and in the update I want to change the Launch screen image. If I try to use the� Launch screen is a screen which appears while launching app and lasts till first screen of app appears. Learn more about Launch Screen and guidelines here. Similar to AppIcons we have to mention in project settings about using image assets for launch screen image. By default project settings are like: We have to change to like this:

As i needed different images on iPhone & iPad Splash screens, i followed below steps:

1. Add two UIImageViews
2. Set Width & Height constants for both UIImageViews as per your requirements.
3. Now select the iPhone UIImageView and set its Height Constraints Regular Regular (RR) height constant as 0.
4. Do the same for for iPad UIImageView and set its Height Regular Regular (RR) height constant as actual required height and set 0 to the Constant. 
5. When you test it on iPhone the iPad ImageView will disappear and vice-versa will happen on iPad. 

Launch Screen Image not Updating!!!, I recently set out to re-write one of my apps. used other than for displaying a static screen, and iOS takes care of displaying it. Say goodbye to all those “ Default” launch images, and hello to a single launch image resource. Open LaunchImage.launchimage and change the default launch images with your own using the proper resolution for each image (e.g., Default-568h@2x.png should be 640px x 1136px). If your images have different file names then open Contents.json and change the key filename for each image.

Dynamic & Interactive Launch Screens – Hawk iMedia, The Spotfire Deployment Kit for Apple iPad app uses a storyboard resource file for the startup (launch screen) image. You can change the launch screen that displays when the app opens. To display an image on the launch screen using the LaunchScreen storyboard, Defining keywords for dynamic configuration values. Since iOS 10.3, Apple launches a cool function so that developers are able to programmatically change the app icon. Although it is not that flexible as the official Clock app with a running clock

Editing the launch screen storyboard, Dynamic Launch Screen in my Xamarin Forms application (both iOS date? for example to show a Mothers day image on Mothers day and a It's easy , you just set a Activity for splash screen and implement the logic in it. Adaptivity and Layout. People generally want to be able to use their favorite apps on all of their devices and in any context. In an iOS app, you can configure interface elements and layouts to automatically change shape and size on different devices, during multitasking on iPad, in split view, when the screen rotates, and more.

How to have Dynamic Launch Screen? — Xamarin Community , enter image description here. Once we change these settings, Xcode will asks us to migrate to assets and create LaunchImage file in assets automatically as:. iOS 10.3 is out with xcode 8.3. 10.3+ Update: Usage is pretty simple, the key is to find out plist usage and note that you can not load assets from xcassets ( at least didnt work for me ). You need to add your icon files to project and prefer 180x180 images for quality. You need to use "Icon files (iOS 5)", new Icon files does not work.

  • But what about LaunchScreen.xib from iOS 8.0 ?
  • Interesting idea although I have a difficult time imagining how that could work -surely Apple checksum the bundle