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I am trying to fetch data by using item name, date from, date to

if im using


it showing the result but it according to item name, not showing the result within the specific date



if i'm using simple where with all these three conditions it returns no result


It seems you need to filter item name, date from, date to

I think you can use whereBetween to filter the date:

$data=add_items::where('item_name', $request->iname)
               ->orWhereBetween('date',[$request->datef, $request->datet]);

How can I write multiple where clause query using Laravel Eloquent?, How do I write where with multiple conditions? I have the latest Laravel 5.3 and I have tried this and it won't work: $articles = \App\Article::where( I'm new to Laravel, so any advice if I'm not writing this incorrectly is really appreciated. like to add this (works with laravel 5.8) you could also try (laravel 5.8) As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Laravel eloquent multiple WHERE with OR AND OR and LIKE, so the some major files and Directory structures for this example is following below. Multiple where condition in Laravel 5.7; Laravel whereIn / whereNotIn; Multiple where condition in Laravel 5.7

You should use:

$data=add_items::select('*')->where(function($q) use ($request) {

Read about parameter grouping for details.

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Try this

use where(function() use ($request) {

$data=add_items::select('*')->where(function($q) use ($request) {

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  • Does this answer your question? How to query between two dates using Laravel and Eloquent?
  • no this is not.
  • @guzu do u means you want the item_name and the date between datef and datet, or u want item_name or the date between datef and datet?
  • second one option
  • "Undefined variable: q"
  • "Undefined variable: q"
  • I miss $q in function parameters