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I'm using Node.js package Twit to stream tweets and currently it's including retweets as well but I don't want it to. My code looks like this:

var stream ='statuses/filter', { track: '#myhashtag' });

and I've tried this but it didn't work:

var stream ='statuses/filter', { track: '#myhashtag' }, '-filter:retweets'); 

The filter should be concatenated to the end of your query as shown below.

var stream ='statuses/filter', { track: '#myhashtag -filter:retweets' }); 

how to exclude retweets from the streaming api � Issue #286 � ttezel , stackoverflow answer: exclude-retweets-in-stream However, like the user who pos I also wish Twitter would allow filtering of the Stream API, specifically for exclude re-tweets and replies at least re-tweets. If I am trying to do a live feed of CNN or god forbid Justin Bieber / anyone with millions of followers my server gets bombarded with 20-100 retweets per second

After quite a research i think the '-filter:retweets' operator for query parameter has been outdated what worked for me was '-RT' operator.

var stream ='statuses/filter', { track: '#myhashtag -RT' });

Exclude retweets from stream � Issue #1299 � tweepy/tweepy � GitHub, However, I'd like to exclude retweets from the stream. The Twitter API Streaming documentation indicates it should be possible to exclude� The Twitter Streaming API. In order to make it easy to work with real-time tweets, Twitter provides the Twitter Streaming API. There are quite a few rules about how to stream tweets from Twitter, but the main ones are: Create a persistent connection to the Twitter API, and read each connection incrementally.

when the tweet is a retweet, there is an existence of retweeted_status, otherwise it is undefined. maybe this will help:

if (tweet.retweeted_status == undefined) {


alternatively, another user proposed a function that might help:

Standard stream parameters — Twitter Developers, Standard streaming API request parameters Manual Retweets created without pressing a Retweet button (e.g. “RT @twitterapi The API is great”). If you would like to exclude place matches or only include places which fall completely� We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

statuses/filter — Twitter Developers, If you need elevated access to the Streaming API, please use the enterprise When parsing Tweets, keep in mind that Retweets are streamed as a status with � Create a Twitter geo-search stream. Geo-search streams provide Twitter search results within a specific radius for a specific location. A tweet’s location is preferentially taking from Twitter’s geotagging API, but will fall back to the user’s Twitter profile.

How to Exclude retweets and replies in a search api?, Twitter API: How to exclude retweets when searching tweets using , am trying I also wish Twitter would allow filtering of the Stream API, specifically for exclude� Introduction¶. On May 24, 2016, Twitter announced changes to the way that replies and URLs are handled and published plans around support for these changes in the Twitter API and initial technical documentation describing the updates to Tweet objects and API options.

How to collect tweets from the Twitter Streaming API using Python , Twitter has one more special case: the quote tweet. This occurs when a user retweets a post and adds a comment alongside the retweet. As� In the code, replace “ENTER YOUR ….” with your credentials, and then run the three last lines to create a connection to the Twitter REST API. Notice how this time we do not create a stream object, like we did to use the streaming API, but an api object. Once we have done this, going from screen name to id and vice versa is very simple

  • Thank you, just tried it though and the stream has stopped working
  • Also keep in mind that Twitter's streaming API only returns about 1% off all tweets. So it is possible that the stream is working but nothing is returned for your particular hashtag.