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can someone help me in replacing periods with forwarding slashes in sheets? I have a data set with over 100 thousand rows in sheets, I have a date-time formatted as such D.M.Y I need to change it to D/M/Y each row has 7 or so columns based on date-time. anyways, below is the first 6 rows of column 'A' so its format is D.M.Y so I have 100,000 rows of this in column 'A'

Date 21.06.2019 22.06.2019 23.06.2019 24.06.2019 25.06.2019 26.06.2019

I want to turn it into this

Date 21/06/2019 22/06/2019 23/06/2019 24/06/2019 25/06/2019 26/06/2019

I need it in this format as sheet does not recognize the '.' as a separator and it would take an eternity to do it manually, thanks! A link to my screen below to see the format

check if your dates are valid dates with:


if yes use this in B2:

=ARRAYFORMULA(TEXT(A2:A; "dd/mm/yyyy"))

if no you can use:


and if you need real dates do:

 "format(Col1) 'dd/mm/yyyy'"))

How to change date format in Google Sheets and convert date to , How to change Google Sheets date format and convert dates to numbers and text Regardless of how Google Sheets formats dates for you to see in cells, spreadsheets always store them as Don't forget to type the separator afterwards. Google Chrome is a trademark of Google LLC. Find and replace. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. If the data’s already in the sheet, select the cells you want to split. If the data isn’t in the sheet yet, paste it. At the top, click Data Split text to columns. To change which character Sheets uses to split the data, next to "Separator" click the dropdown menu.

Assuming your data is on Sheet1 in columns A through G.

On a blank tab, say Sheet2, in cell A1, you could use this formula to substitute the . with /.


This should give you the substituted values. You could then copy these and paste them as values to Sheet1.

How to reformat dates in a Google sheet – Copper Help Center, You have to do this in order to get a unique delimiter for the next step. 2) Use SPLIT to split the column by the semicolon. This will leave you with a� In google sheets, I'm looking to have data copied from one sheet to another after editing a particular cell in the sheet being copied. I have code that does what I want except for only being trigger by the particular cell.

if you want to use macro or script do like this:

function ReplaceDotToSlash()
   var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName('YourSheetName');
   var lastRow = sheet.getLastRow(); 
   for (var i = 1; i < lastRow+1; i++){
     var value1 = sheet.getRange('A'+i).getValue() + "";
     sheet.getRange('A'+i).setValue(value1.replace(/\./g, "/"));

How to Utilise Google Sheets Date Functions [Complete Guide], This tutorial about utilising Google Sheets date functions divided into three sub Sheets YEAR function returns the year (in numerical format) from a specific date. But when you use DATEVALUE function to refer to a cell (refer the formula in cell will be Fri, 14 June 2019 until the next Friday arrives, i.e., Fri, 21 June 2019 . When you change the locale and time zone of a spreadsheet, it changes the spreadsheet’s default currency, date, and number formatting. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Click File Spreadsheet settings. Under "General," click the "Locale" and "Time zone" menus to change your settings. Click Save settings.

Import data sets & spreadsheets - Computer , You can import a spreadsheet in many file formats, like .xls, .csv, .txt, and more. cell: Replace the data in a range of selected cells with the imported data. " Separator character," you can pick what letter or symbol Google Sheets uses to� Use formatting in Google Sheets to make it easy to read and collaborate on spreadsheets, right inside of a web browser. Here are just a few of the formatting tools that we'll cover in this tutorial: Bold cells draw a viewer's attention and let them know that the data in a selected cell is more important than the surrounding Google cells.

Excel date to flow date, Excel date to flow date. txt file from the File menu in Microsoft Excel. I tried formatting the excel sheet with the number data type and saving it . 1900 (01 Jan � In my Google Sheets spreadsheet, I have a named data range called "scores". I would like for each cell in this data range to be assigned a default formula, which takes data from another sheet. However, if the user wants to type in manual data, they should be able to. If the cell becomes blank, it should reinstate the default formula.

How to Convert a CSV File to Google Sheets, Steps to take to convert a CSV to Google sheets quickly and easily. and that you want to create a new spreadsheet (rather than replacing data You'll also want to tell it what the separator is within the file. This works for most CSV files as long as there are not unique considerations for your specific file. The cell that I want to have the calculated value I will start with an equals sign and then type in the reference to the cell or click on the cell to have the spreadsheet automatically populate the value. For example if I typed a 5 into cell M3 and 6 into cell M4 then my formula would be =M3+M4 instead of =5+6.

  • if you will change column A and the result in column A too, so I suggest you to use macro, you take the first row and the last row and then change each row in column A
  • Worked perfect, Thank you !
  • Hi thanks for reply, Im not sure what you mean by Sheet1! ? and all my dates are in column A A, 0 = Date A, 1 = 21.06.2019 A, 2 = 22.06.2019 A, 3 = 23.06.2019 A, 4 = 24.06.2019 A, 5 = 25.06.2019 A, 6 = 26.06.2019
  • Do you want to share a dummy sample of your Sheet? May be easier to explain there.
  • I just added a picture to the original post, not sure if that will help? not sure how to share a dummy sample or what that is lol, super new to this :P