Make my html input number fields change on scroll wheel even if they aren't focused in Chrome

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Take an input field like this:

​<input type='number' step='1' />​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In Chrome, you can change the value of this field by clicking on it then moving the scroll wheel up or down. However, you cannot simply hover over the field and use the scroll wheel to change it (like you can in Opera). How can I change this behavior so that I don't have to select the field to change it with the scroll wheel? I'm open to solutions using javascript/jQuery (but not jQuery UI). I'm using Chrome 21 for Linux if that matters.

Using hover()


You probably don't need input type=“number”, When I exited the account number field, the corner of my eye noticed finger on my mouse, or hitting the up/down keyboard arrows changes incrementing/ decrementing a number with a mouse's scroll wheel Mouse) is a lousy pattern even for proper numeric input (“Dammit! Tags: forms, html, html5. Hi Guys, When you click on a number box and then use your track pad (laptop, apple mouse or mouse scroll wheel) to move down the page it instead changes the number in the box. This is rare on a PC with a scroll wheel because you actually have to keep the mouse in the box however on a Mac when you type the curser dissapears and then when you go to move down the page the number annoyingl

Focus the input field when mouseover:



You probably don't need input type=“number”, for things that aren't technically a number but are composed entirely of digits? I learnt this the hard way while trying to get my text input fields to show the Maybe if you have a scroll wheel, but with a Magic Mouse you can swipe in all� Given an HTML document containing <input type = “number”> attribute and the task is to disable the mouse scroll wheel to change number value using JavaScript/jQuery. Approach: Select the element. Add an event to that element which will call a function when scrolling starts. Make the element blur on scrolling.

To make numeric or time input to be wheelable, you only need to add empty onmousewheel handler to at least one control on page:

<input type="time" value="12:00" onmousewheel="onWheel()"/>

  function onWheel() { }

Checked on Chrome and it works well for all controls on page.

Number fields change if have focus and scroll, This is a standard browser behavior for number fields and is not due to .com/ questions/9712295/disable-scrolling-on-input-type-number So, I looked into a way to do this myself, since this is a point of irritation for not only me but my / master/correct-number-field-mouse-scrollwheel-action.php since I'll� How to Scroll a Page With JavaScript. This page demonstrates how to use the JavaScript scrollBy and setTimeout methods to make a web page scroll down automatically. Change the timeout value to alter the scrolling speed in milliseconds. The example function below (arbitrarily called pageScroll) shows how this can work:

Increment Inputs with the Mousewheel, In the past we've covered adding +/- buttons to number-based inputs to help you can use the mouse scroll wheel to increment the number up and down. HTML. This could literally work on any element, but text inputs make When the DOM is ready, we'll bind the new “mousewheel” event to the input. This will only effect the middle mouse click button i.e. the scroll wheel click feature. It’s not going to change what the scroll wheel does. You can still use it to scroll through websites and documents. We’ve featured X-Mouse here a good six years ago. Since then, the app hasn’t changed much but it was feature-rich to begin with.

Scroll Page Horizontally With Mouse Wheel, 1) Load jQuery and the Mouse Wheel plugin Mouse Wheel plugin is here. 2) Attach mousewheel event to body The "30" represents speed. type='text/ javascript' src='/js/jquery.mousewheel.min.js'></script> HTML; CSS; JS Frontend Masters is the best place to get it. Required fields are marked *. The way that I generally scroll windows in Windows is to have the mouse pointer within an active window and then use the mouse wheel to scroll, I then rarely even have to pay attention to the scroll bar at all. However some apps do require the mouse pointer to be resting within the scroll bar area to use the mouse wheel to scroll.

Touch And Mouse: Together Again For The First Time, My colleague Boris Smus wrote a great HTML5Rocks tutorial on Touch events that is still a good way to get started if you haven't looked at Touch events before. In fact, if you haven't worked with touch events before, go read that article Pointer Events are a unification of Mouse Events and touch input, as� Does anyone know how to set the mouse scroll amount from 3 rows to 1 row in Excel 2007? There used to be an option in 2003, but I can't find one in Change scroll rows from 1 to 3 with mouse wheel - ExcelBanter

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