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I'm using a query on both server and client (pub/sub). So I have something like this at a few different locations.

const FOO = 'bar';

Foo may potentially change and rather than have to update my code at separate locations, I was thinking it may be worth it to abstract this away to a global variable that is visible by both client and server.

I created a new file 'lib/constants.js' and simply did FOO = 'bar; (note no keyword). This seems to work just fine. I found this solution as the accepted answer How can I access constants in the lib/constants.js file in Meteor?

My question is if this a desired pattern in Meteor and even general JS.

I understand I can abstract this away into a module, but that may be overkill in this case. I also think using session/reactive vars is unsafe as it can kinda lead to action at a distance. I'm not even gonna consider using settings.json as that should only be for environment variables.

Any insights?

I don't think the pattern is that bad. I would put that file in /imports though and explicitly import it.

Alternatively, you can write into Meteor.settings.public from the server, e.g., on start-up, and those values will be available on the client in the same location. You can do this without having a settings file, which is nice because it doesn't require you to make any changes between development and production.


Meteor.startup(() => {
  // code to run on server at startup
  Meteor.settings.public.FOO = 'bar';


> console.log(Meteor.settings.public.FOO);

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yes, If you are using older version of meteor then you can use setting.json but for updated version we have import option.

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Sharing global variables between javascript files loaded to Meteor , EDIT: I referred to this posting [Link:][1]Global variables in Meteor which suggests needs to be given a specific instance of something (like a database handle). The correct way to handle global variables in Flask. The usage of the global keyword in pythonic development is discouraged, and for good reasons. It often becomes troublesome to keep track of global variable usage and assignment as the code file grows, and is almost impossible in very large code files.

  • Ah, didn't know about Meteor.settings