What is the "?" symbol in URL used for in php?

I am new to PHP. In the path of learning PHP language, I notice that, some website would this kind of URL:


My questions:

  1. What is the "?" symbol used for?

  2. If I were develop a php website, must I use it in my URL? For example, after a user(roa3) successful logged in, I will redirect to "www.website.com/profile.php?user=roa3" instead of "www.website.com/profile.php"

  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

Good questions, briefly,

  1. "?" stands for the start of querying string which contains the data to be passed to the server. in this case you are passing user=roa3 to profile.php page. You can get the data by using $_GET['user'] within profile.php. querystring is one of the methods to send data to the server from client agent. The other one places the data in HTTP body and POST to the server, you don't see the HTTP POST data directly from browser.

  2. querystring can be edited by user and it is visible to the public. If www.website.com/profile.php?user=roa3 is intended to be public then it is fine, otherwise you may want to use session to get current user's context.

  3. it is a flexible way to pass data to the server, but it is visible and editable to the users, for some sensitive data, at least produce some kind of hash before attaching it to the querystring, this prevents users to edit it or understanding the meaning of it. However this doesn't prevent a decent hacker to do something wrong about your website. Different browsers support different max length of URL, the lengthy URL is made up by those querystring parameters. If you want to send large amount of data, place the data in the HTTP body and POST to the server.

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1) If a user logs in to your site, you would use Sessions to store there username instead of passing it in the url e.g profile.php?username=roa3

2) Using a ? symbol in the urls is generally considered bad for Search Engine Optimization. Also, the urls look a bit ugly. Using mod_rewrite you can do the same thing as profile.php?user=roa3 or products.php?id=123&category=toys with: site.com/profile/roa3 or products/toys/123.

Using the CodeIgniter framework will give you friendly URLs by default and eliminate the need for ?s in your urls. See this page for an example.

3) The ? symbol is also used inside the code of a php page. For example, an if else block such as:

if ($x==1)

can also be written as:

$y=($x==1) ? 2 : 3;

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? is part of the HTTP standard and not part of PHP. Thought I should point that out so when you move on to another language and see it again you are not confused thinking there is PHP involved.

Otherwise there are some excellent answers above.

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  • Checking session ids against IPs is not that great if people sit behind some proxy farm with multiple IP addresses. Also, those sharing one proxy would still not be shielded from another. The application has to handle this in another way - if you deal with sensitive data: Use https.
  • yes that is true. Checking ip's against sessions would give increased security, but it would leave some big holes. Establishing teh session after https has been established is always the safest.
  • Just a sidenote: It is legal to use ; to separate GET vars too. Though I've never seen it and therefore wouldn't recommend it.
  • This is wrong. The "?" is not "just another character" to the server. The server splits the URL on the "?" (if there is one). The part before is the requested file, and the part after is the "query string", presented to the CGI as the QUERY_STRING environment variable.
  • I should probably have said that servers in general are not expected to treat it specially. In the case of PHP (and most other web frameworks) some treatment is provided, as I went on to discuss. The question doesn't specify CGI anywhere.
  • It may not be special to the server, but it is part of the HTTP standard rather than php.
  • Stubbornly sticking to my guns here :-) There's only one effective distinction of ? in RFC21616, S13.9: "caches must not treat responses to [query URIs] as fresh unless the server provides an explicit expiration time." That hardly seems relevant.
  • Okay, four downvotes for a fundamentally correct answer (with one small caveat) is certainly excessive and marking it offensive is purely … well, offensive!