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I have two tables (models) Vehicle and Registration. Vehicle has many registrations and every registrations has start_date and expiry_date and I need to get all vehicles with last registration sort by expiry_date. This is mine Vehicle model part:

     * @return HasMany
    public function registrations() :HasMany
        return $this->hasMany(Registration::class);

     * @return HasOne
    public function activeRegistration() :HasOne
        return $this->hasOne(Registration::class)->latest();

and I try to solve like this:

Vehicle::with('activeRegistration')->get()->sortBy('activeRegistration.expiry_date')->take(5) // I need only 5 records

but this is not working as I expected. This is part of mine blade file:

@foreach($registrationsVehicle as $vehicle)
        <td>{{ $vehicle->registration }}</td>
        <td>{{ $vehicle->vehicleBrand->name }}</td>
        <td>{{ $vehicle->model }}</td>
        <td>{{ optional($vehicle->activeRegistration)->start_date }}</td>
        <td>{{ optional($vehicle->activeRegistration)->expiry_date }}</td>

I get data but it's not order correctly.

You need to add field in latest method:

    public function activeRegistration() :HasOne
        return $this->hasOne(Registration::class)->latest('expiry_date');

If you want to use with('registration'), you need to use closure like this:

$vehicles = Vehicle::with(['registration' => function($relation) {
    $relation->orderBy('expiry_date', 'DESC')->first();

For Laravel 5.7 and onwards

if you want to get last registration, you can just use latest('expiry_date'),

it will automatically convert to order by expiry_date desc

$vehicles = Vehicle::with(['registration' => function($relation) {

Sort by latest record column from relations, Sort by latest record column from relations. Posted 4 months ago by knubbe. I have two tables (models) Vehicle and Registration . Vehicle has many� To sort values by columns, you can use the SORT function. In the example shown, data is sorted by the Group column. The formula in C8 is: =SORT(C4:L5,2,-1,TRUE) The result is the range C4:L5 sorted by score in descending order.

Get all then use sortBy() function in collection

        ->sortByDest(function ($vehicle) {
            return $vehicle->activeRegistration->expiry_date;

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At the end I solve like this:

return Vehicle::join('registrations', '','=','registrations.vehicle_id')

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  • You can use ORDER BY 'expiry_date'
  • But activeRegistration is the last one as you can see from relationship
  • @knubbe You need to add field in latest method ->latest('expiry_date')
  • I try all combination that you suggest but it's not working
  • plz use the first $this->hasOne(Registration::class)->latest('expiry_date');, and dd($vehicle->activeRegistration()->toSql()), and then post it.
  • "select * from registrations where registrations.vehicle_id = ? and registrations.vehicle_id is not null order by expiry_date desc"