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I'm trying to find some function in Python which can help me with finding some word-matches of two different strings.

For example we have 2 strings:

  1. "I am playing basketball everyday"
  2. "basketball is the worst game ever"

And I want this function to return true if "basketball" was found in both strings.

You can find which are the common words in two phrases:

common_words = set(phrase1.split()).intersection(phrase2.split())

You can check if a word is in both phrases by simply checking if it is in the common_words set (example: if word in common_words: ...).

You can also check how many elements this set has. If len(common_words) == 0 then phrase1 and phrase2 contain no common words.

How to check if Python string contains another string, Use find. The find method checks if the string contains a substring. Use the in operator. The in operator returns true if the substring exists in a string and false if otherwise. Use count. The count method returns the number of occurrences of a substring in the string. Using indexOf () This is perhaps the most commonly used way of testing for the presence of a substring within a given string. While it does the job well, you must note that the function is actually intended to return the index at which a given substring is found, and -1 when there's no match.

l = ["I am playing basketball everyday", "basketball is the worst game ever"]

for x in l:
  print (x)
  if "basketball" in x.lower():
    print (True)

Check if multiple strings exist in another string : Python, Here the script return "Found a match", because at least one word exists in the list . example 2: myList = ['one', 'six','ten'] str = "one two three four five" isMatch =� Find if a given string can be represented from a substring by iterating the substring “n” times. Partition given string in such manner that i'th substring is sum of (i-1)'th and (i-2)'th substring. Find length of longest subsequence of one string which is substring of another string.

str1 = "I am playing basketball everyday"
str2 = "basketball is the worst game ever"

if "basketball" in str1 and "basketball" in str2:
    print "basketball is in both strings!"

See: Python - Check If Word Is In A String

How to check if multiple strings exist in another string in Python?, To check if any of the strings in an array exists in another string, you 'o', 'u'] str = "hello people" if any(c in str for c in arr): print "Found a match"� To check if the string contains all the strings (elements) of the array, simply change myStrings.Any in the if statement to myStrings.All. I don't know what kind of application this is, but I often need to use:

How to Check if a Python String Contains Another String?, You can use the in operator or the string's find method to check if a string contains another string. The in operator returns True if the substring exists in the string. Otherwise, it returns False. The find method returns the index of the beginning of the substring if found, otherwise -1 is returned. Check if string contains specific words? This means the string has to be resolved into words (see note below). One way to do this and to specify the separators is using preg_split :

JavaScript: Check if String Contains a Substring, Checking if a String contains a substring is a common operation and slightly differs in many programming languages is to check if a string contains another string. This is a case sensitive search, so the following will not match the substring: The easiest approach is to surround the substring with asterisk wildcard symbols (asterisk) * and compare it with the string. Wildcard is a symbol used to represent zero, one or more characters. If the test returns true, the substring is contained in the string.

Python: Check if String Contains Substring, The easiest way to check if a Python string contains a substring is to use the in The String type has another method called find which is more convenient to If find doesn't find a match, it returns -1, otherwise it returns the left-most index of� print [url_string for extension in extensionsToCheck if(extension in url_string)] NOTE: This is only to check if it contains or not and is not useful when one wants to extract the exact word matching the extensions.

  • So what is the problem in doing so? Can we see your code?
  • You can always use in. For example, "basketball" in "I love basketball" returns True
  • "basketball" in string_1 and "basketball" in string_2
  • Another approach would be to use list(set(string_1.split()) & set(string_2.split())) which would return all words found in both strings