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I'm trying to get data from SAP via SAP Connector 3.0 on a MVC3 application.

There is no problems with the connection.

My problem is when I try to set values on a structure from a table it says

"TABLE [STRUCTURE ZHRS_ABSENCES]: cannot set value (array storing element values is null)"

My code is the following:

//create function    
IRfcFunction function = conex.Repository

//get table from function
IRfcTable absenceHoli = function.GetTable("P_ABSENCES");

//setting value to structure
absenceHoli.SetValue(0, "0000483"); //this is where the error occurs

I'm not sure about the connector you're using, but there's a similar common misunderstanding when using JCo. A table parameter can hold multiple lines. You'll usually have to append a line to the table. This will probably return some kind of structure that you'll be able to fill. Also check this answer.

Inserting data into SAP tables using SAP.Net connector 3.0, I was successful in fetching data from SAP using NCo 3.0 interfaces, but was facing issues while performing insert operations. Can anyone help Net side, but it is coming to SAP its passing as null value. Now, simply populate the structure component fields as per usual: set column names and values. In this blog, I will walk through the steps to pass a table parameter to from a .NET program to SAP via NCo 3.0. I will not be covering the basics of how to set up NCo 3.0 as a RFC client as I have already covered that. Click here to request a .zip file containing a copy of the source code. The BAPI

I think you just need to Append a new row before trying to call SetValue


absenceHoli.SetValue("ColumnName", "0000483"); // Add further SetValue statements for further columns 

You can get the column names by putting a breakpoint on after you're got the Table Structure and examining it, which is probably nicer than just specifying column indexes.

SAP NCo 3.0: How-to Pass Table Parameters to SAP RFC , Append() method, the current index property of the table is set to the newly appended line. At this time, you can use the IRfcTable.SetValue()� NET, C#, or Managed C++. Write .NET Windows and Web form applications that have access to SAP business objects (BAPIs). .NET connector 3.0 is available on SAP market place. Procedure to make BAPI and object type on SAP side: 1. First make a structure for bapi, structure name should start with Z OR Y following by BAPI . e.x. YBAPI_ATND_RAW. 2.

In my case I needed to use Insert:

absenceHoli.SetValue(..., ...);

Adding a field to SAP RFC table using .NET Connector 3.0, Note that it is not possible to append table's column as fields are already defined. You can only enter a row to the table and populate fields to� structure or table type that this function module is referencing. You had to create objects from these structure/table classes and pass them into the proxy method corresponding to the function module. Now with the .NET Connector 3.0, there is no longer any kind of generated code.

SAP .Net Connector 3.0 (NCo) Example, To get the SAP Connector DLL, you need to go to SAP Market Place and you need to have userid and password to These are the main key-value pairs required to connect to SAP. There functions returns a complex table structure called IRfcTable that you need to convert to ADO.Net SetValue method. This article will teach you about connecting to SAP using C# via SAP .NET Connector 3.0. This connector is the latest stable version of SAP's development environment to do communication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP systems. This connector library can support RFCs and Web services.

How to Use SAP Nco 3 Connector: .Net 4 and Visual Studio , Net Connector, NCO for .Net 4 and Visual Once these values are set, you will need to add the table to the function. Before invoking� SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET 3.0 (NCo 3.0) allows developers to use BAPIs and remote-enabled function modules in any .NET application (inside-out). You can also access .NET components from any ABAP application by implementing an RFC server in .NET (outside-in).

SAP Connector User Guide, Function , which is the container for parameters and/or tables for the SAP The required namespace and schema location for the SAP connector should be how to set up Mule so that you can use the SAP connector in your Mule applications. Values for the IDoc version correspond to IDOC_VERSION_xxxx constants in� SAP is one of the largest providers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the market today, handling an enterprise’s business applications like accounting, sales, payroll, finance, production, human resources, etc. We are happy to announce the  public preview of a new SAP ERP connector for Power Apps and Power Automate. The SAP ERP connector allows you to connect your flows