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Using JavaScript how do you to detect what text the user pastes into a textarea?

You could use the paste event to detect the paste in most browsers (notably not Firefox 2 though). When you handle the paste event, record the current selection, and then set a brief timer that calls a function after the paste has completed. This function can then compare lengths and to know where to look for the pasted content. Something like the following. For the sake of brevity, the function that gets the textarea selection does not work in IE. See here for something that does: How to get the start and end points of selection in text area?

function getTextAreaSelection(textarea) {
    var start = textarea.selectionStart, end = textarea.selectionEnd;
    return {
        start: start,
        end: end,
        length: end - start,
        text: textarea.value.slice(start, end)

function detectPaste(textarea, callback) {
    textarea.onpaste = function() {
        var sel = getTextAreaSelection(textarea);
        var initialLength = textarea.value.length;
        window.setTimeout(function() {
            var val = textarea.value;
            var pastedTextLength = val.length - (initialLength - sel.length);
            var end = sel.start + pastedTextLength;
                start: sel.start,
                end: end,
                length: pastedTextLength,
                text: val.slice(sel.start, end)
        }, 1);

var textarea = document.getElementById("your_textarea");
detectPaste(textarea, function(pasteInfo) {
    // pasteInfo also has properties for the start and end character
    // index and length of the pasted text

onpaste Event, Execute a JavaScript when pasting some text in an <input> element: Press CTRL + V; Select "Paste" from the Edit menu in your browser; Right click to display� Nope,for example I paste "test textarea" , I want to detect what text is pasted , Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select Paste. Or press CTRL+V.

HTML5 already provides onpaste not only <input/> , but also editable elements (<p contenteditable="true" />, ...)

<input type="text" onpaste="myFunction()" value="Paste something in here">

More info here

Detect pasted text with Ctrl+v or right click -> paste-漫漫字节|漫漫编程, Using JavaScript how do you to detect what text the user pastes into a textarea? Whenever such a copy paste it not allowed in a page, what I do is, paste the text somewhere else (I use the URL bar) and then Ctrl + A (select the text just pasted in the url ), drag and drop the the field in the browse, where paste is disabled. I guess, this is something not preventable as of today. – Janakiram Jan 1 '16 at 18:41

Quite an old thread, but you might now use instead. It will let you control what gets pasted into a textarea or contenteditable.

Element: paste event, <div class="source" contenteditable="true">Try copying text from this box</div> <div class="target" contenteditable="true">and pasting it into� You should use KeyDown or KeyUp, because the KeyPress event is not raised by the CTRL button but only by "character" buttons. If you use the KeyDown event you can detect ctrl+v by checking: if (e.Control && e.KeyCode == Keys.V) {

Can copy and paste be detected, Then capture the KeyCode and ctrlKey to detect a copy or paste in JavaScript. The event input with the . To cut the last text you dictated: Say "Cut That". Hence� Windows 10 offers a clipboard history feature that can store multiple items and sync them among different computers. But some third-party clipboard utilities offer more powerful options. Here's

Following may help you

  function submitenter(myfield,e)
    var keycode;
    if (window.event) keycode = window.event.keyCode;
    else if (e) keycode = e.which;
    else return true;
    if (keycode == //event code of ctrl-v)
      //some code here


  <teaxtarea name="area[name]" onKeyPress=>"return submitenter(this,event);"></textarea> 

intercept a paste action (CTRL-V or Shift-INS) on Windows, Hi all, how can I detect a Paste action? That can be CTRL-V or Shift-INS. I want to manipulate the text before it is shown in the TextArea. Command Gestures: Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X MouseDown: Paste button, Cut button, Undo button, Click: Space bar pressed when Paste, Cut, Undo buttons have local focus

Clipboard API and events, var pasteEvent = new ClipboardEvent('paste'); pasteEvent.clipboardData.items. add('My string', 'text/plain'); document.dispatchEvent(pasteEvent);. Well sometimes the outside source has a white font and my textbox has a white background so it appears like he pasted nothing and he does it again and again. What I'm looking for is a way to intercept the paste action into the textbox so that I can take that text and paste it as pure ASCII without formatting. Edit after experimenting with KeyDown

[Solved] How to capture the paste event in windows?, I would like to have some suggestions about this. What I have tried: I have tried to hook Ctrl + v registry hot key and it works fine. But as stated in� I'm trying to detect when the user presses Ctrl + V in JavaScript. jQuery(document).on('paste', function() {alert('text pasted!')}) It works well with Chrome (v37). But it does not work with Fire

How to detect copy, paste and cut behavior with jQuery, To detect copy, paste and cut behavior, you just need to bind the corresponding event type. $("#textA").bind('copy', function() { $('span').text('copy�

  • possible duplicate of How does facebook detect when a link as been PASTED
  • Nope,for example I paste "test textarea" , I want to detect what text is pasted , in this case - "test textarea"
  • you probably can't do that cross-browser...
  • I want to know what's the length of the pasted text.
  • Does this poll every 1 millisecond?
  • @chug2k: No, it only runs that function after 1 millisecond (or whatever the browser implements instead) once after every paste.
  • Be careful, this is not a Web standard. (also, MDN is much more reliable than W3Schools for Web APIs)
  • It's part of the W3 Working Draft:
  • Yes ,but what will be on the place of "some code here" ,if I want to detect what text the user pastes?