How can I prevent Emacs resizing my windows?

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my Lisp-working-environment has the frame split into two windows, the former for the main coding, the latter for my slime evaluation.

Unfortunately, when I made some mistakes (cause I'm still learning Lisp :P) the slime debugger warns me, and doing this it shows up into the bottom window that is automatically resized. Just to be more explicit:


|     |
|     |


|     | <- decreased in size!
|_____| <- increased in size!

How can I prevent Emacs resizing my windows? I want Emacs to leave my window sizes the same.

How can I accomplish that?

Thanks! Bye!


You can remember your window configuration using the command M-x window-configuration-to-register (or C-x r w) at the beginning.

After you can always restore your configurations using M-x jump-to-register (or C-x r j).

Prevent Emacs from resizing windows, It is possible to avoid implicit resizing of a specific window when there are one or more other resizable windows on the same frame. For this purpose, Emacs� How can I always prevent emacs from resizing my windows after I've set them up? I've heard of winner mode, but it's less than ideal because 1) undoing the resize has the unfortunate side effect of also obscuring the buffer that I wanted to work with in the first place that triggered the resizing (ag or magit in my case), and 2) I would prefer

Unfortunately the main command pop-to-buffer, which is used by almost every program in emacs to switch to a buffer in a different window, has the side-effect you described.

In adition to all other solutions so far, there is a winner mode to undo/redo any changes in window configuration, at any moment of time.

Preserving Window Sizes, This section describes functions for resizing a window without changing the size of its This command attempts to reduce window 's height as much as possible� You can resize windows using the keyboard. By default: `C-x ^’ makes the current window taller (‘enlarge-window’) `C-x }’ makes it wider (‘enlarge-window-horizontally’) `C-x {’ makes it narrower (‘shrink-window-horizontally’) The default keybindings might not be appropriate for you, however.

If some code you call changes the window configuration you can wrap your code with (save-window-excursion BODY ...)

If it is the debugger that changes the configuration - hit "q" and the old configuration will be resotred.

If you want the debugger not to change size try adding a debugger-mode-hook to restore your window size.

Resizing Windows - GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, In other cases you can disable implied resizing with the following option: several side by side windows will shrink the outer frame width by the width of one � How can I set up Emacs to not do that and show only the buffer that holds the file's text? window customize. Prevent Emacs from resizing windows. 1.

winner-mode is a lifesaver, but to make pop-to-buffer not resize the window in the first place, do

(setq even-window-heights nil)

Implied Frame Resizing, 20.5 Deleting and Resizing Windows C-x 4 0: Delete the selected window and kill the buffer that was showing in it ( kill-buffer-and-window ). The command also signals an error if you attempt to reduce the height of any window below a� If this is non-nil, fit-window-to-buffer can resize windows horizontally. If this is nil (the default) fit-window-to-buffer never resizes windows horizontally. If this is only, it can resize windows horizontally only. Any other value means fit-window-to-buffer can resize windows in both dimensions.

To disable window shrinking, shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer needs to be a no-op. You could just redefine it to do nothing, but if you advise it, you get the ability to enable and disable it at will.

;; never shrink windows
(defvar allow-window-shrinking nil
  "If non-nil, effectively disable shrinking windows by making `shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer' a no-op.")
(advice-add 'shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer
            (lambda (&rest args)
              "Do nothing if `allow-window-shrinking' is nil."

You can advise other functions that call shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer to enable or disable shrinking:

(advice-add 'some-function-that-resizes-windows
            (lambda (orig &rest args)
              "enable shrinkage"
              (let ((allow-window-shrinking t))
                (apply orig args))))

I had an old piece of code that was essentially the above, and I had ignore-errors wrapped around (apply orig args) for some forgotten reason, but it probably isn't universally needed.

N.B. this uses the new advice API, which was added in Emacs 24.4. The old advice API can do the same thing with different syntax if you need to use an old Emacs version.

Change Window - GNU Emacs Manual, A short walkthrough of a Emacs package for windows resizing that I in the body of the let -block we define the individual keybinding in the� Clarification: (tool-bar-mode -1) turns the toolbar off, but this line interferes with maximizing the Emacs windows. So if I try put functions to maximize windows and turn off the toolbar, the maximize part will fail; if the toolbar part is commented out, then the maximize part will work ok.

Emacs windows resizing • SA, The initial window is now 80x51, but as before, it immediately resizes itself to a squat 80x3 window. I have no ~/.emacs, and no .Xresources. On a high resolution screen, when the display width of the focused window resized by golden ratio is larger than 160 characters, opening any commands which call to pop-up-window will cause Emacs to create extra window instead of jump to an already existing window. TO prevent that, just set the variable split-width-threshold to nil

xorg - How to stop emacs resizing its initial frame?, Even though I've been using emacs for years, there are certain things that The way I typically do this is by splitting the current window continuously until it resizing windows (global-set-key (kbd "S-C-<left>") I tend to keep a lot of links to other files (mostly org files and occasionally PDFs) as well as a lot of URL links . If you want to disable automatic resizing done by golden-ratio, just invoke M-x golden-ratio-mode. To call golden ratio manually just M-x golden-ratio. Wide Screens. If you use a large screen and have very wide frames golden-ratio makes very wide windows. This can be handled automatically by setting golden-ratio-auto-scale to true. This does a good job of keeping windows at a reasonable width regardless of how wide or narrow your frame size is.

How do you manage window sizes in emacs? : emacs, I recently upgraded from emacs 21 to emacs 26. I missed the old behavior where the completion buffer appeared on a side window, so I added� Press “Windows key + X” and click on “Control Panel”. Click on “Troubleshooting”. Click on “View all” and select “Power”. Follow the on-screen directions to run this troubleshooter completely. Once this is done, restart the computer and check the status.