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I'm following a tutorial of the Play Framework but I occurred in a problem, I wrote this object:

package controllers

import play.api.mvc._

object Tickets extends Controller {
  def ticketsAvailable = Action { request =>
    val availableTickets = 1000

and then add the routes:

GET     /tickets/available/         controllers.Tickets.ticketsAvailable

but when I compiled and received this error:

type Tickets is not a member of package controllers

Anyone can help me with an example of how i can fix this problem?


Change your object to a class, ie.

class Tickets extends Controller {

And of course Tickets.scala should be packaged under app/controllers.

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I changed my code from Object ApplictionController extends Controller{} to Class ApplicationController extends Controller{} and it worked.

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I encountered the same problem after introducing a compilation error into a class the controller uses.

Specifically, I didn't finish a method call. Instead of doing object.someMethod(), I wrote object..

So, the type is not a member... error could mean that one or more of your controllers have trouble instantiating.

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  • Hi Nio. Your answer has a few months but it solves my issue as well. Can you explain me why modifying object to class solve this particular problem?
  • ohe, since version 2.4 Play (by default) adopts the use of Dependency Injection (Google Guice) out of the box in it's bid to remove global state from the framework. Read this in the docs - it explains things a bit more clearly.