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| personid | first | last | section |
| 1        | Jon   | A    | y3      |
| 2        | Bob   | Z    | t6      |
| 3        | Pat   | G    | h4      |
| 4        | Ron   | Z    | u3      |
| 5        | Sam   | D    | y3      |
| 6        | Sam   | D    | u3      |
| 7        | Pam   | F    | h4      |

I want to isolate all the repeat names, despite the other columns, like this:

| personid | first | last | section |
| 5        | Sam   | D    | y3      |
| 6        | Sam   | D    | u3      |

This is what I came up with but I cannot get it to work:

SELECT personid, last, first, section FROM   d 01 WHERE  EXISTS 
   (SELECT * FROM d 02 WHERE  02.last = 01.last AND 02.first = 01.first )

You must check that the 2 rows have different ids:

SELECT d1.personid, d1.last, d1.first, d1.section 
  FROM d d2 
  WHERE d1.personid <> d2.personid AND d2.last = d1.last AND d2.first = d1.first 

Always qualify the column names with the table's name/alias and don't use numbers as aliases unless they are enclosed in backticks or square brackets. See the demo. Results:

| personid | last | first | section |
| -------- | ---- | ----- | ------- |
| 5        | D    | Sam   | y3      |
| 6        | D    | Sam   | u3      |

Unique names from a list of several duplicates, I succeeded in identifying the duplicate rows in a view of my customers list following the example you showed. But the delete button not only� excape me at the moment..I have a long column of names, often repeating names on sheet1.I would to make a shorter list on sheet2 of all the names in the column, but only list them once. Thanks again for all your good ideas!

You could just do a window count and filter by that:

select personid, first, last, section
from (
    select t.*, count(*) over(partition by first, last) cnt
    from mytable t
) t
where cnt > 1

Extract a list of duplicates from a column, Extract a list of duplicates from a column Step 1 - Show a duplicate value only once or as it is in my case "IF from London + IF this month + then PULL unique agent names" I did give it a try but the formula could not work :(. How to List Only Non-repeating Names? Got a huge dataset with a list of non-repeating names. For example, among the dataset is about 1,500 names that dont repeat itself in a column.

Another way to yield the same results as the other accepted answer:

SELECT personid,
FROM personTable as A
            WHEN COUNT(*)>1 THEN 'Yes'
            ELSE 'Null' , AS UseName
    WHERE UseName='Yes') as B 
 ON A.firstName=B.firstName AND A.lastName=B.lastName

This solution subqueries itself. Since it is an inner join, it will only pull the values that join onto the subquery. Since I filtered anything with a count less than 2 out, only the duplicates will match.

Filter for unique values or remove duplicate values, Filter for unique values, remove duplicate values, and conditionally format Article � Hide or show rows or columns To remove duplicate values, click Data > Data Tools > Remove Duplicates. There is a critical difference, however: When you filter for unique values, the duplicate values are only hidden temporarily. How To List Only Non-repeating Names Mar 4, 2014. Got a huge dataset with a list of non-repeating names. For example, among the dataset is about 1,500 names that dont repeat itself in a column.

Find and Highlight Duplicates, Click Highlight Cells Rules, Duplicate Values. Click Highlight Cells Note: select Unique from the first drop-down list to highlight the unique names. As you can see, Execute the following steps to highlight triplicates only. 5. First, clear the� Preview the form. Add several rows of values to the repeating table, making sure that some of the values are duplicates, and then examine the options in the drop-down list. As shown in Figure 2, the drop-down list only displays unique values as the XPath expression prevented duplicate values from being added to the list. Figure 2.

Identifying Duplicate Values in an Excel List, You can then isolate just the duplicates, as shown in Figure 2: This collapses the list to show just the duplicate values, which you can copy I have a list of several names in column B. I want to identify each time that name� If you want to test a range (or list) for duplicates, you can do so with a formula that uses COUNTIF together with SUMPRODUCT. In the example, there is a list of names in the range B3:B11. If you want to test this list to see if there are duplicate names, you can use: = SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF( B3:B11, B3:B11) - 1) > 0.

Finding Duplicates with SQL, I have a table with duplicate records with company,first and last name repeating.I need to put all Is there a way to list just the set of duplicates from a table. To check if a list contains any duplicate element follow the following steps, Add the contents of list in a set. As set contains only unique elements, so no duplicates will be added to the set. Compare the size of set and list. If size of list & set is equal then it means no duplicates in list.

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