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When I am trying to logging to Oracle Sql plus by entering 'scott' as username and 'tiger' as password, it shows 'the account is locked'. How to unlock 'scott' account. The screen shot of SQL Plus CLI is given below.

Login in to your DB with user SYS

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed Jul 25 15:13:25 2012

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Enter user-name: sys as sysdba
Enter password:

then issue

alter user scott account unlock;

Then you will be able to login as scott.

conn scott/tiger

scott account locked in SQL Plus, Use this SQL*Plus procedure to unlock and reset user account passwords. Enter the command ALTER USER account IDENTIFIED BY password ACCOUNT UNLOCK; to unlock an account. Note: If you unlock an account but do not reset the password, then the password remains expired.

You must be coming from the good old days of Oracle 8 :) It was finally acknowledged that a non-trivial amount of production DB instances were running with that account and it's default password still in it's initial setup form which is why Oracle has eventually patched that security hole.

To your specific question - here's a link (first hit in Google search, actually) that explain it.

Edit: Pasting the answer from the link into here for your convenience:

Here's how to lock or unlock Oracle database user accounts.



Using SQL*Plus to Unlock Accounts and Reset Passwords, This short blog is showing you how to unlock the scott account after installing Oracle 11g. You may find this link to unlock the account� First You can log into sql using sql*plus or isqlplus(you can not login sys user without authentication) with your system/<Password Of System User>. Then you can try this command 1.)alter user scott account unlock Now you can login using your scott user.may be the case on login oracle show login incorrect then type this command with system user

You can use this SQL command to change the password and unlock an account at the same time:


Oracle database scott tiger The account is lock, ORACLE 12c | Part #2 - How To Unlock HR & SCOTT user (schema) | OCP TECHNOLOGY Duration: 2:07 Posted: Nov 11, 2014 You can use below steps to account unlock. SQL> select USERNAME,ACCOUNT_STATUS from dba_users where username='SCOTT'; USERNAME ACCOUNT_STATUS

1) Connect to a database by using below command:

SQL> conn /as sysdba  

2) Now try to unlock the user :

SQL > alter user scott account unlock;

For Example :

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL > alter user scott account unlock;
User altered.

The user scott is unlock now

scott account unlocking in oracle 10g, How to unlock scott user in SQL Plus | username: sys as sysdba | password: sys | SQL> alter user scott account unlock; SQL> conn scott/tiger. The trick is to temporarily take the login out of password policy enforcement by unchecking it, as shown in Figure 4. This will disable the unlock checkbox. Click OK to confirm the change and the SQL Server login will unlock. This will permit connections via that login again.

You can use below steps to account unlock

SQL> select USERNAME,ACCOUNT_STATUS from dba_users where username='SCOTT';



SQL> alter user SCOTT account unlock;

User altered.

SQL> select USERNAME,ACCOUNT_STATUS from dba_users where username='SCOTT';



SQL> conn SCOTT/SCOTT Connected. SQL>

How to unlock scott user in SQL Plus – Know Program, Log in with user "scott" and password "tiger". Example: $ sqlplus scott/tiger. If the SCOTT account is locked, you can unlock it with the following� Scott is a database user used for demonstration purposes containing the famous EMP, DEPT, BONUS and SALGRADE tables. According to legend, this account was named after Bruce Scott (co-author and co-architect of Oracle v1 to v3) and the password was the name of his daughter's cat, Tiger.

SCOTT, I think you have not unlocked your scott user account while installation,please follow the steps below to unlock you scott account . When you started installing� If your user credentials of SQL Plus software got locked because of inactivity, then you have to create the new user in order to access the software. more..

Missing scott user in Oracle 11 g database, From the command line using SQL*Plus. To unlock the Oracle account: From the Oracle Enterprise Manager, select Network > Databases >� If you log on or connect as a user whose account has expired, SQL*Plus prompts you to change your password before you can connect. If an account is locked, a message is displayed and connection as this user is not permitted until the account is unlocked by your DBA.

Error: "ORA-28000: the account is locked", But after installing the Oracle a error is raised that the account is locked. Even We have to Unlock the Default account.[ At the end of downloading� ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY password ACCOUNT unlock; ALTER and USER is an oracle reserved phrase followed by the name of the user which you want to unlock. Next is IDENTIFIED BY clause that lets you set a password for your user followed by the clause you have to specify the password which you want to assign for your schema in oracle database.

  • thanks for help.. i am new to Oracle. i am still not logged to any account in sqlplus. i think it must be logged in to perform the specified command. So how to loggin..
  • @yephlck this is not working for me kindly guide, what i get after this is "not connected to oracle".
  • You have to be connected to a DB in order to be able to administer it. Use your administrator credentials to log-in into DB first, then you can perform the task you need