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I'm currently building a new version of a site in Wordpress and trying to add a few images as normal to be referenced both by CSS & HTML. Weirdly it's allowed me to add several images like the logo etc yet when I try to add a few more images it's giving the forbidden message below. The image doesn't appear either and the forbidden message below shows when I goto the path of the image.


You don't have permission to access /v2/wp-content/themes/default/images/contact-yellow-icon.png on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I've never had this problem before out of the several other WP sites I've setup. What could be the problem?

If I put in the path to another image then it works fine (http://www.domain.com/v2/wp-content/themes/default/images/contact-innovation-logo.png) so don't know why it won't allow me to access the other images!?

you should check file permissions for /v2/wp-content/themes/default/images/contact-yellow-icon.png

i think they should be 644 so that all can read that file

or you can check file permissions of /v2/wp-content/themes/default/images/contact-innovation-logo.png

you can change permissions with ftp manager or with shell

** updated by Eric Leroy if file permissions 644 does not work, change to 755 that is what I used to fix the issue. If you are not familiar on how to do this on *inx based, and mac systems, here is how: Open terminal and navigate to the parent folder of the images. type sudo chmod -R 775 (then type the name of your images folder after 775 ) it will ask you for your password, then your images will work on your website.

What is the 403 Forbidden Error & How to Fix it (3 Methods Explained), Forbidden: You don't have permission to access [directory] on this server; HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden The 403 Forbidden error means that your file has bad permissions. Directories and folders must be 755. Executable scripts within the cgi-bin folder must be 755. Images, media, and text files like HTML should be 755 or 644.

This can also be caused by using hotlinking protection. So if hotlinking protection is used, make sure that the URL for your website is added to the white list. Also keep in mind that www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com are considered two different URLs.

403 Forbidden or No Permission to Access, A 403 Forbidden error means that you do not have permission to view the requested file or Images, media, and text files like HTML should be 755 or 644. The 403 Forbidden error is an HTTP status code that means that accessing the page or resource you were trying to reach is absolutely forbidden for some reason. Different web servers report 403 Forbidden errors in different ways, the majority of which we've listed below.

The question may have been solved for the original user, but I found no amount changing permissions or disabling hotlinking (was already disabled) was working for me.

For me the files not working were php files in the themes CSS and JavaScript directories.

I found that for me the problem was a .htaccess file that WordPress created for a LOCKDOWN to prevent malicious code injections. Adding rules to allow these files allowed them to work.

Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server , Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. is there a way i can resolve this. The simple reason why we are seeing this error is that you are trying to access something you don’t have the permission to. Throwing a 403 forbidden error is your website’s way of stating that you don’t have enough permissions to proceed further. This error is basically due to: Incorrect file or folder permissions

Although this is an old issue, I would like to add this for anyone who might visiting with the same problem.

If you're using cloudflare, their scrape shield also has hotlink protection - this was where my problem originated.

How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error on Your WordPress Site, Are you getting a 403 forbidden access denied error in WordPress? Here's a 403 Forbidden Duration: 6:32 Posted: Mar 1, 2019 403 Forbidden error code is shown when your server permissions don’t allow access to a specific page. This is why the error is usually accompanied by the text: 403 Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access ‘/’ on this server.

Use this

sudo chmod -R a+rw /var

and then

<img src="../img/y.png">

How to Fix the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress, I tried accessing the image via URL and I could see this access type error! Access forbidden! You don't have permission to access the� 403 forbidden: permission to access images. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 5 months ago. Active 5 days ago. Viewed 66k times 27. 4. I'm currently building a new version

403 forbidden error for Image, Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error � I added an .htaccess file in my Laravel Root foler with the contents you posted but I am still getting the 403 Forbidden pagehelp! – PA-GW May 19 '19 at 17:47 I had redirected in with another .htaccess which worked on another host but here your htaccess worked for me thanks. – steve moretz Feb 8 at 9:38

Forbidden: You don't have permission to access this resource , So what causes such errors? The '403 Forbidden Error' occurs due to the following main reasons: 1. Incorrect File / Directory Permissions. This� 403 Forbidden error when trying to browse publishing images via assetbrowser Using SP 2013 online. Any user who tries to access the publishing images via the Browse button to add an image to an announcement receives the 403 Forbidden error. Only when I give them "Designer" permission does it work for them.

"Forbidden, Forbidden errors arise when your site has permission settings that are incorrect. Every file and folder has a permission access number that can�

  • That's so odd. It worked but why would the icons be uploaded as 600 when everything else is 644? I haven't changed any settings. I've even tried uploading another image which goes up as 644 yet these 3 icon file (created in the same way as everything else) go up as 600. It has me baffled!! Thanks though.
  • Thanks as well. Exact same problem with me -- uploaded a file that had 600 file permission for some odd reason. This was a quick fix.
  • If images uploaded aren't the right chmod by default, you have a umask issue. You can explain the problem to your host and they can fix it or you can wade through the mess that is umasks.
  • Thank you for this. Never crossed my mind but was the fix for my situation.
  • I'm using a shared host with two sites, in my addon domain, the images was not showing. Thank you.
  • Specially when using the wp-security plugin.
  • While this may answer the question, you did not leave behind any explanation as to why this works. This answer does not add much value for later visitors that may have the same problem. Please expand your answer to include some explanation.
  • This advice is dangerous. Making everything within /var world-readable and writable compromises system security. You don't even know whether the files in question are in /var, or whether the 403 error is due to file permissions.
  • sudo chmod -R a+rw /var/www/html/name of the file