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I don't want Visual Studio Code to highlight matching brackets, all occurrences of the same variable, etc. I find it very distracting. However, I can find no way to disable this feature.

The only highlight options I seem to be able to change are "editor.selectionHighlight" and "editor.renderLineHighlight", and neither work.

Is it possible to disable "matching highlighting"? Or maybe to edit my theme, so that the highlight color and highlight border are the same as the background color?

There are different types of highlighting:

1. Syntax highliting (place cursor inside variable)

"editor.occurrencesHighlight": false
2. Selection highlighting (similar chunks in document)

"editor.selectionHighlight": false
3. Matching brackets highlighting
"editor.matchBrackets": false

There's a second way - make them less obtrusive (or completely transparent):

"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "editor.selectionHighlightBackground": "#0000", // similar selection
    "editor.selectionHighlightBorder": "#0000",

    "editor.wordHighlightStrongBackground": "#0000", // syntax variable assignment
    "editor.wordHighlightStrongBorder": "#0000",

    "editor.wordHighlightBackground": "#0000", // syntax variable
    "editor.wordHighlightBorder": "#0000",

    "editorBracketMatch.border": "#0000",// brackets
    "editorBracketMatch.background": "#0000",

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I finally figured out how,

Try this one "editor.matchBrackets": false in your Preferences - User/Workspace setting

Hope it helps.

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Try going to Preferences-> User Settings In the settings.json to the right add:

"editor.selectionHighlight": false

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The same achievement from @Alex's answer could be done from the VSCode settings.

Go to Preferences -> Settings and there search for Highlight. A lot of option would appear, but the ones useful would be under the Text Editor section. Also, you could decide if change it globally (through the User Settings) or just for that window (Workspace Settings).

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  • Which color theme is that?
  • Custom (I already deleted it). Closest match would be Ayu light
  • not bad, try One Monokai Darker
  • Not colorful enough for my taste. I'm more into something like: An Old Hope
  • Have to say this should be the correct selected answer. Very helpful!
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  • I actually have that set, for both User and Workspace settings. It does not seem to turn off brace highlighting or all-other-instances-of-the-current-word highlighting. Here's my settings.json file for both: // Place your settings in this file to overwrite default and user settings. { "editor.selectionHighlight": false, "editor.renderLineHighlight": false }
  • Are you sure you are not setting // Controls whether the editor should highlight similar matches to the selection "editor.selectionHighlight": true, in your workspace settings?
  • I just double-checked. Both User and Workspace settings.json files have the same two values set: "editor.selectionHighlight": false, "editor.renderLineHighlight": false. If selectionHighlight is supposed to control matching-brace highlighting, then maybe I've got something else causing it not to work. And I completely forgot to mention I'm on a Mac, in case that's relevant.