Python selenium: DevTools listening on ws://

Today I got this message on the console when running selenium using the chromedriver. How do I suppress this?

DevTools listening on ws://

Relevant code:

from selenium import webdriver
driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path='c:/bin/chromedriver233')

I get the same message using version 2.30 of chromedriver.

I have not previously received this message. The only change I've made is updating chrome to Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Python 3.6.3 64, selenium 3.4.3, Windows 7 64.

EDIT: I posted a question to the Chrome product forum at!topic/chrome/Dlk2j_JpmxE;context-place=forum/chrome

I had the same issue, did a bit of digging and finally found a working solution. This should remove the DevTools message popping up:

options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
options.add_experimental_option('excludeSwitches', ['enable-logging'])
driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path='<path-to-chrome>', options=options)

As per the solution from this chromium issue.

Python Selenium: "DevTools listening on ws , DevTools listening on ws:// 19238-12304. I think this started happening when I tried to change my IP� The information collected in this website does not mean that XSZZ. ORG agrees with its statement or description, nor does it constitute any suggestion.

Not sure if you are aware but try:


Mind you I'm using headless, though I believe you could configure this for normal browser. It feels better :). I was amazed at how annoying that notification message was.

2907, I'm using Selenium for python and whenever I start a script, a message similar to this is put into STDOUT: "DevTools listening on ws://� Browse other questions tagged python selenium-webdriver selenium-chromedriver or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 253: is Scrum making you a worse engineer?

It might be due to chromedriver no longer supports chrome version installed on your machine. Update your Chromedriver to more up to date version.

DevTools listening error with Selenium and Python - Python, I am using python + selenium for web browser automation and getting this error. DevTools listening on ws://� I use chromedriver 2.33 with Selenium and Python 3.63. As of the latest version of chrome [62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)], I get a message DevTools listening on ws:// browser/97101fe4-3b1f-42b0-b5c8-373cc18040b6 Previously, no message was printed. I haven't made any changes to my program other than updating

a workaround: :)

sys.stdout.write("\033[F") #back to previous line
sys.stdout.write("\033[K") #clear line

How to disable log DevTools listening � Issue #140 � giggio/node , for example: DevTools listening on ws:// const webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver') const { By }� Add --disable-extensions to the set of chrome args to disable the devtools. If you are using protractor, that would go into the config file as follows: exports.config = { directConnect: true, capabilities: { browserName: 'chrome', chromeOptions: { args: [ '--disable-extensions' Thanks, -Mark

Chromedriver with Selenium now outputs message to cmd, I use chromedriver 2.33 with Selenium and Python 3.63. DevTools listening on ws:// questions/ 47392423/python-selenium-devtools-listening-on-ws-127-0-0-1. I was using the selenium module in a python script to open up chromedriver.exe and automate some online downloads. I run the script using a BAT file. Originally if I ran the BAT file, chrome was opened up and the files where downloaded, but the command line hanged on the log statement DevTools listening on

Chromedriver with Selenium now outputs message to cmd, DevTools listening on ws:// 4158-9c46-b707ec73b7e9. Is it possible to avoid printing this� So as soon as I start a selenium browser with selenium webdriver, it prints out this: DevTools listening on ws://

selenium prints weird things, 오늘 크롬 드라이버를 사용하여 Selenium을 실행할 때 콘솔 에이 메시지가 나타납니다. 이것을 어떻게 억제합니까?DevTools listening on� When I run my selenium program. It prints out this while refreshing the website: Output: DevTools listening on ws://

  • Possible duplicate of Chrome devmode suddenly turning on in selenium
  • Alas, that didn't help, I still got the message.
  • @foosion Did you try what I referenced with the link word for word, it works for me.
  • @foosion This is likely attributed to new chrome. I have done a fresh reinstall and I cannot get it to work either. Interesting, this command used to work. I wonder why
  • @foosion I am curious to ask them but I can't comment as I'm not 50. Ask them if updating chrome gave issue. Otherwise there's something I'm missing
  • @foosion I'm not sure either. I've tried suppressing console output, cmd. But I believe it's likely a chrome issue. So perhaps try using older chrome but that's not really viable long term either. I suppose you'll have to just put up with it. There might be a way to get around it through chrome options but I cannot find much on this issue. I believe its a new issue so not much to find