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label.text = String(format:"%.1f hour", theOrder.bookingMins/60.0)

The above code just get the error:'Int' is not convertible to 'Double'

bookingMins is of type Int, so how do I convert an Int to a Double in Swift? Seems not as simple as in C.

Try Double(theOrder.bookingMins)

Convert Int to Double in Swift, The problem is you are trying to add an array instead of an Int, so You don't even need to convert anything, considering that all of your values� How to convert a double value to int doing the following: Double If x = 4.97542. Convert to int x = 4. Double If x = 4.23544. Convert to int x = 4. That is, the answer is always rounding down.If you explicitly cast double to int, it will loose decima

What I prefer to do is to use computed properties. So I like to create an extension of Double and than add a property like below:

extension Int {
  var doubleValue: Double {
    return Double(self)

And than you can use it in very Swifty way, I believe in future updates of swift language will be something similar.

let bookingMinutes = theOrder.bookingMins.doubleValue

in your case

label.text = String(format: "%.1f hour", bookingMinutes / 60.0) 

Style guide used:

How do you convert int to double in swift?, Swift's Float data type has a built-in constructor that can convert from integers with no extra work from you. For example, to convert the integer� To convert a float to an integer in Swift. Basic casting like this does not work because these vars are not primitives, unlike floats and ints in Objective-C : var float:Float = 2.2 var integer:Int = float as Float

label.text = String(format:"%.1f hour", Double(theOrder.bookingMins) /60.0)

How to convert an int to a float, You can either fix this by forcing your integer to be a double: let d: Double = 4 let e = 5.0 let f = a * b. Alternatively you can convert your integer to� let myInt2 = Int(myString) ?? 0. That means “attempt to convert myString to an integer, but if the conversion failed because it contained something invalid then use 0 instead.” As with other data types (Float and Double) it’s also possible to convert by using NSString if you’re desperate: let myInt3 = (myString1 as NSString).integerValue

Swift 4/5

let mins = Double(theOrder.bookingMins)
label.text = String(format:"%.1f hour", mins/60.0)

How to multiply an int and a double, Convert Swift String to Int. Use Int and the variants like Int32 , UInt64 , etc. to convert integer values. let� To convert a String to Integer, use Int(string_value). Example – Convert String to Integer In this example, we take a string variable and convert this to Integer. Conclusion In this Swift Tutorial, we have learned how to convert a String to Integer in Swift programming.

How to Convert a String to Double and Float types using Swift 4 , Swift Standard Library. On This Page Converting Floating-Point Values init( sign: FloatingPointSign, exponent: Int, significand: Double). Creates a new value � How to convert a float to an int; How to convert a String to an Int; How to position views in a grid using LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid; How to make a variadic function; How to use compactMap() to transform an array; About the Swift Knowledge Base. This is part of the Swift Knowledge Base, a free, searchable collection of solutions for common iOS

Double, Floating-point to integer conversion must also be made explicit. An integer type can be initialized with a Double or Float value: let� Java Convert int to double. We can convert int to double in java using assignment operator. There is nothing to do extra because lower type can be converted to higher type implicitly. It is also known as implicit type casting or type promotion. Java int to double Example. Let's see the simple code to convert int to double in java.

The Basics — The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.3), Or do you want the result to be a Double , converting the Int to a Double You don't want an Int , because, in that case, Swift would convert the� Swift convert Double to Int. 0. Swift unix timestamp too short. 5. fatal error: Double value cannot be converted to Int because the result would be greater than Int

  • This is documented behaviour of the Swift programming language to avoid hidden conversion errors. I would recommend to read the chapter "Numeric Type Conversion" in the Swift reference book.
  • Double(theOrder.bookingMins!)/60.0 solve the problem. strange!
  • @shadox: If this answer solved your problem (and it sounds like it did; this is the correct way to convert an Int to a Double), please accept the answer. Thanks.
  • @DarkDust sorry,When I want to accept the answer. It had not been 6 mins since I ask the question....
  • That's because the problem was with bookingMins. That's why I told you to use Double(theOrder.bookingMins).
  • @shadow: Double(theOrder.bookingMins/60.0) doesn't work since bookingMins is an Int, but you're trying to divide it by a double (60.0). You first have to convert bookingMins via Double(theOrder.bookingMins), then you can divide by 60.0 since only then both are of the same type.
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