How do I connect agents by name in AnyLogic?

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I am trying to connect different agent types by names. So, for example, I have a dataset where I have a list of patient names and their doctors name. I would first like to create two different populations of patients and doctors where each individual agent is assigned a name from the dataset. Then I need to create connections between the two different populations based on the corresponding connections in the data. Anyone know how to do this? Any help appreciated!


Let's assume your doctor and patient agent populations are created, and the patient having a parameter called doctorName, and the doctor having a parameter called name. You have to figure out how to do this based on where you get the info from. I will also assume that all doctor names are different.

the doctor will have a link to agents object (from the agent palette) called patientLink as a collection of links and bidirectional, but as a single link on the patient side (called doctorLink on the patient side).

now you can use the following function to connect them:

for(Patient p : patients){
     Doctor doctor=findFirst(doctors,d->;

Agent, Distance based (Agent.NETWORK_ALL_IN_RANGE) - any two agents are connected if distance between them is less than a given maximum (in continuous � Agents may represent very diverse things: vehicles, units of equipment, projects, products, ideas, organizations, investments, pieces of land, people in different roles, etc. Agents are main building blocks of AnyLogic model. Agent is a unit of model design that can have behavior, memory (history), timing, contacts, etc.

You should use the "Agent Link" object. This does exactly what you need.

In your case, you will need to write some code looping across your data and setup the links accordingly. Check the example models using AgentLink objects to learn about it and read in the help, there is a lot of stuff on it.

F.A.Q. - How To, Let's assume your doctor and patient agent populations are created, and the patient having a parameter called doctorName, and the doctor� You can let AnyLogic animate connections (if they live in the same hierarchy level) by clicking the “Draw line connecting agents” tickbox in the properties: Running the model, you can see how is your best friend, which is very powerful when many connections occur:

Here are just a few quick thoughts on this that I hope are helpful in your process: 1) If you want to keep doctors and patients linked, you can craft an agent as a doctor-patient dyad--this could make a lot of sense depending on what your research question is; or 2) If one doctor handles more than one patient, you could also consider forming an agent that is actually a network-type arrangement with the doctor as the central node--again, this depends what your research question is and what your data looks like; or 3) If you want to link doctors with patients based on some rule, consider using a discrete event approach by using a "Match" function from the "Process Modeling Library" palette. Best wishes, LCG

Standard Agent Contacts Network, The AnyLogic "Link-to-Agent" object is likely one of the most powerful ask you to name the link object that will be created in the Bank agent. In short, you do the following: drag it into agent type 1; Set it up to connect to agent type 2; when it asks to create a corresponding Agent Link object in type 2, agree; Now, you have a way to connect agents using the agent link object. Do check the AnyLogic help and tutorials on that, there is a lot of info on how to use them.

How do I connect agents by name in AnyLogic?, How to connect to MySQL server from AnyLogic? For the moment, I am more interested in Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (ABMS) and Discrete-Event � You can get AnyLogic to randomly locate agents of this population in the space. To do this, select the option Apply random layout. Click Finish to end the process. When finished, you will see the element on the diagram - it is agent population. The population contains the specified number of agents - instances of the agent type.

AnyLogic agent links: A hidden gem for your connections , of AnyLogic. (as compared to other Agent-Based Modeling Software) Anylogic is written in Java and turns models into Java. • AnyLogic getConnectedAgent(int i) gets the ith agent connected to a. • a. names, e.g. in switch statement. On the next wizard page type the name of the new type: Turbine and agent population name will autofill as turbines. Click Next. Choose 3D animation figure Wind Turbine Rotating from the Energy section of the list. We do not need to add here any parameters, so skip that Step 5. On Step 6, set up to create 25 agents in this population.

35 questions with answers in ANYLOGIC, AnyLogic Simulation Software Firstly, it was named AnyLogic because it can be It provides to define the radius of the connection area for agents connect each � For example, if you have source block and want to know how many agents left its output port out, type: source.out.count() To know the name of the block's port, please refer to the description of the block in the Library Reference Guide. The names of the block ports are shown on the block figure at the top of the page: