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I have table with for example 3 columns:


then I make a function:

function getdata(Request $request)
  $start_date = date('d-m-Y 00:00:00');
  $end_date = date('d-m-Y 23:59:59');
  if($request->start_date != '' && $request->end_date != '')
    $dateScope = array($request->start_date, $request->end_date);
  } else {
    $dateScope = array($start_date, $end_date);
  $weather = chaira_weather::selectRaw('(date1+time1) as timestamp,value')
  ->whereBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
  ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

  return response()->json($weather);


I have an error:

Undefined column: 7 ERROR:  column "timestamp" does not exist

Any workaround?


CONCAT function gives me wrong date/time result: 10/12/201900:00:00. My way (date1+time1) as timestamp, works. havingBetween clause is not working again. But if i use only orderby the aliased timestamp is working.

I work in another approach:

  $weather = chaira_weather::selectRaw('(date1+time1) as timestamp,value')
  ->whereBetween('date1', $dateScope)
  ->whereBetween('time1', $dateScope)
  ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

Now it works. But again with problem. When the time1 is with same values. The query is giving me only one record per day. For example if date and time are between 01/12/2010 01:00:00 and 10/12/2010 01:00:00. The result is only in this hour 01:00:00:

01/12/2010 01:00:00,1
02/12/2010 01:00:00,3
03/12/2010 01:00:00,56
04/12/2010 01:00:00,7
05/12/2010 01:00:00,6
06/12/2010 01:00:00,8
07/12/2010 01:00:00,6
08/12/2010 01:00:00,7
09/12/2010 01:00:00,6
10/12/2010 01:00:00,32

If the time is not the same in query it works great. Any idea?

you can't use where clause on an aliased column. you can group, order and use having on an aliased column only. so use having instead of where.

$weather = chaira_weather::selectRaw('CONCAT(date1,time1) as timestamp, value')
                ->havingBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
                ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

NOW whereBetween two database dates, to check if the current time is between 2 date fields in the database? Are the dates in show_from and show_till column Carbon instances? table, you're probably better off using a model to represent the pivot rather than withPivot. belong in a pivot as the Item has data that can be used multiple times. Split the date. Let's start from the following document where you have in column A data with date and time. We want to split. The date in column B; And the time in column C; To perform this separation, we must keep in mind that 1 represents 1 day. Time is a fraction of a day, for example, 0.33333 is 8 hours (1/3 of a day).

Try this one also.

$weather = chaira_weather::select('CONCAT_WS(" ",date1,time1) as timestamp, value')
                ->whereBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
                ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

Edit 1:

$weather = chaira_weather::select('STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT_WS(" ",date1,time1),"%d,%m,%Y %H:%i:%s") as timestamp, value')
                ->whereBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
                ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

Edit 2 :

$weather = chaira_weather::select('value')
                ->whereRaw('STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT_WS(" ",date1,time1),"%d,%m,%Y %H:%i:%s") >= ? AND STR_TO_DATE(CONCAT_WS(" ",date1,time1),"%d,%m,%Y %H:%i:%s") <= ?',array($startDate, $endDate))
                ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

Just check your formats while comparing.

[WhereBetween], Im having trouble to retrieve data from the database using eloquent, I am trying [WhereBetween] - Retrieve Data between Two Dates from Timestamp Column. Also, the use of the excel MOD function has advantages because it does not depend on the DATE value. If at any time the DATE value is removed (just extracting the TIME value), the TIME value remains unchanged. The Formula for the date value =QUOTIENT(A2,1) The Formula for the time value =MOD(A2,1) The Result

Not tested, but I think you chaira_weather model you can define scope and pass variable(date) to filter out your result

public function scopeStartDate($query, $start){
    return $query->where('start', '>=',Carbon::parse($start, 'Y-m-d'));

public function scopeEndDate($query, $end){
    return $query->where('end', '<=', Carbon::parse($end, 'Y-m-d'));

and then you can use like


MySQL BETWEEN Operator Explained By Practical Examples, When you use the BETWEEN operator with date values, to get the best result, you should use the type cast to explicitly convert the type of column or expression to� In the “Number” tab select “Custom” in the type box, type the date format as DD/MM/YYYY . Click on OK To separate time follow the below given steps:-Select the cell B1 and write the formula to extract time from cell A1 =MOD (A1, 1), press Enter . Format this cell as “h:mm” To format the cell, press the key “CTRL+1”

You can try this:

     $weather = DB::table('chaira_weather')
                    ->select('CONCAT(date1, time1) as timestamp, value')
                    ->whereBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
                    ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

How To Use Laravel WhereBetween Method Elegantly, However, you may have suffered from using nested where between method as this a bit overwhelming as we are recalling single method a couple of times. using multiple instances of the same model and trying to union them. as whereBetween method accepts the column, the range, connector which� Well L Fernigrini shows the right way to do it, but here's some comments on the code: 1) You're declaring variables for date and time, then assigning those variables to be the same as the parameters, then running a select that fetches the parameter values into the variables - which is a complicated and pointless way of populating the variables with the same parameter values twice.

Use select('CONCAT(date1, time1).

 $weather = chaira_weather::selectRaw('(date1+time1) as timestamp, value')
                ->whereBetween('timestamp', $dateScope)
                ->orderBy('timestamp', 'ASC')

Laravel Eloquent where between two dates from Database, Laravel Eloquent where between two dates from Database Laravel whereBetween method are useful when you retrieve records in between two given dates from timestamp column. Suppose Display date difference only in days using Laravel Carbon How to convert JavaScript array into the comma- separated string? Split date and time with formulas. If you use copy and paste functions to copy the each date and time one by one, it is time-waste. Here are some formulas can help you quickly split the date and time. 1. Select a column range that you want to put the date results only, and right click to select Format Cells from the context menu. See screenshot: 2.

SQL WHERE BETWEEN and WHERE NOT BETWEEN, Dates and , BETWEEN operator is inclusive: begin and end values are included. Previous � Next. The SQL WHERE BETWEEN syntax. The general syntax is. SELECT column-� Getting the date only is fairly easy. select dateadd(dd, datediff(dd,0, getdate()),0) Easiest way to get the time is probably to convert the date to varchar and use substring to get the time only.

B.3.4.2 Problems Using DATE Columns, When you compare a DATE , TIME , DATETIME , or TIMESTAMP column to an expression. When you use any comparison method other than those just listed, such� You can use this to merge date and time into the same column of dataframe. import pandas as pd data_file = 'data.csv' #path of your file Reading .csv file with merged columns Date_Time: data = pd.read_csv(data_file, parse_dates=[['Date', 'Time']]) You can use this line to keep both other columns also. data.set_index(['Date', 'Time'], drop=False)

The Practice of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice , a notice fixing the date before which the bills , the taxation whereof is directed by the The professional charges must be entered in a separate column from the with the several Leaving the papers and vouchers in respect whereof charges are of such request and undertaking , or within such other time as the time . Dear All, I have a series of data in which the first column consist of a combination of date and time, for instance 17 April 2008 at 4.01pm, such data is recorded as: 4/17/2008 16:01 I'd like to seperate it into four different columns which consist of Day, Month,Year and Time, respectively.

  • CONCAT function gives me wrong date/time result: 10/12/201900:00:00. My way (date1+time1) as timestamp, works. havingBetween clause is not working again. But if i use only orderby the aliased timestamp is working.
  • just use a valid date format (Y-m-d h:m:s) and everything will work.
  • Yes I use valid but after concatination the date and time is next to each uder. @Prashant Deshmukh..... is more acurate. But still, please read my edit...
  • @HristianYordanov what is the error? Have added space in CONCAT_WS?
  • @HristianYordanov Check updated answer replace single quote with double quote.
  • @HristianYordanov Updated please check.
  • @zahid hasan emon said that you can't use where clause on an aliased column
  • @HristianYordanov Updated again.
  • selectRaw is a must