How to convert from varchar to float and ignore non-numeric characters?

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I am trying to convert a column from varchar(500) to float in my sql. My code currently looks like this:

select distinct(customer_id), cast(val_amt as float) from(
select prsn_real_gid, vital_nam, vital_performed_date,
case when val_amt ~'^[0-9]+' then val_amt else null end as val_amt from my_table);

but I get the following error message

[Amazon](500310) Invalid operation: Invalid digit, Value 'X', Pos 2, Type: Double 
  error:  Invalid digit, Value 'X', Pos 2, Type: Double 
  code:      1207
  context:   1.XYXY04
  query:     4147
  location:  :0
  process:   query0_118_4147 [pid=0]
1 statement failed.

My data for example looks like this:

customer_id  |  val_amt
111  | 23.45
112  | 21
113  | x
114  | /
115  | 

It has alpha characters, symbols, and nulls. I just want the numbers including the decimals.

In SQL Server you would use try_cast():

select distinct customer_id, try_cast(val_amt as float)
from my_table;
where try_cast(val_amt as float) is not null;

Strip non-numeric characters from a string in SQL Server, Strip non-numeric characters from a string in SQL Server How do you get a numeric-only string and ignore all non-numeric characters, using if it could be done using FOR XML and spt_values to parse the entire string? so from what you're saying, you're having difficulty converting a VARCHAR which happens to be NULL to a type of FLOAT (or MONEY)? Using the following quick test, I got no such error: DECLARE @amount VARCHAR(10) SET @amount = NULL PRINT CAST(@amount AS FLOAT) I just get no result, because @amount is NULL.

try this using isnumeric

select customer_id, case when isnumeric([val_amt])=0 
enter code herethen 0 else cast([val_amt] as float) end from my_table

Handling error converting data type varchar to numeric in SQL Server, These rare values will always be decimal characters, with a range of length post decimal point, and will not read as numbers in both C# or� In order to convert a string variable containing any non-numeric value using destring one must list the characters that should be ignored (e.g. “,” or “.”). Additionally, rather than setting values for those cases containing non-numeric values to missing (what the function “real” does), destring removes the specified non-numeric

Sometimes the Cast gives me problems. Even Try_Cast(). This may be good for what you need. EDIT: You changed from SQLServer to MySQL. Adjusted for MySQL

select distinct customer_id, convert(`val_amt`, float(2,2))
from my_table
where convert(`val_amt`,float(2,2)) is not null;

How can I strip non-numeric characters out of a string?, I found this T-SQL function on SO that works to remove non-numeric characters from a string. CREATE Function� The step-by-step way to quickly convert these characters is to extract all the characters on the left side of the decimal place, seen in the below T-SQL code using the LEFT function: LEFT(ExampleColumn, CHARINDEX('.', ExampleColumn) - 1) PreDecimal

Character-to-Numeric Conversion, Character-to-Numeric Conversion Purpose Converts a character data string to a numeric value. and is converted to a FLOAT value, using the default format for FLOAT. is a non-ANSI Teradata extension of character to numeric conversion. Join will work until it found such values which It can not convert. May be nvarchar column have some values which SQL server was not able to convert into float. You should check values in this nvarchar column. For converting data type in SQL server you can use either CAST function or CONVERT function in Join condition itself as shown below.

Using "not like" to filter out non-numeric values from varchar field , The message I am getting is: Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '<1' to data type int. I thought a "not like" statement would not� If ‘ignore’, then invalid parsing will return the input. downcast {‘int’, ‘signed’, ‘unsigned’, ‘float’}, default None If not None, and if the data has been successfully cast to a numerical dtype (or if the data was numeric to begin with), downcast that resulting data to the smallest numerical dtype possible according to the

How to Convert Strings to Floats in Pandas DataFrame, DataFrame? If so, I'll show you two ways to convert strings to floats using pandas. (2) For a column that contains both numeric and non-numeric values� from Table1 a INNER JOIN Table2 b ON Convert(numeric(17,2), b.Col1) = a.Col2 The column b.Col1 is a varchar and a.Col2 is numeric. When I run this query it gives me an error

  • I got the error "syntax error at or near as" in the first try_cast
  • @brightman1309 . . . try_cast() (…) is supported in every supported version of SQL Server.
  • Is there a way to do it without try_cast? I copied and pasted your code directly but it still gave me the same error.
  • Are you using an unsupported version of SQL Server, @brightman1309 ? (2008 or prior)
  • Correction: this is a my sql server. I got confused, sorry.
  • I got the following error: Invalid operation: function isnumeric(character varying) does not exist;
  • I got a syntax error at the comma in the try_convert
  • I didn't see you changed your DBMS to MySQL. You need to update your Question. I updated my answer