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i'm trying to redirect user from where login button exist if they already logged in the will redirect to, i have code in like this

  ionViewWillEnter() {
    firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(function(user) {
      if (!user) {
        console.log("user is not logged in");
      } else {

am i doing right?

heres my service code

      'webClientId' : '',
      'offile' : true

I recommend using AngulaFireAuthGuard. Without adding any special method, it handles everything for you without the need of additional code to your auth service or the page.

Instead of using a regular guard, you can directly add it into app-routing.module.

into app.module:

import { AngularFireAuthGuardModule } from '@angular/fire/auth-guard'; 

   declarations: [],
   imports: [
   providers: [],
   bootstrap: []

and into app-routing.module:

    import { AngularFireAuthGuard, redirectUnauthorizedTo, redirectLoggedInTo } from '@angular/fire/auth-guard';

    const redirectUnauthorizedToLogin = () => redirectUnauthorizedTo(['login']);
    const redirectLoggedInToHome = () => redirectLoggedInTo(['welcome']);

    const routes: Routes = [
      { path: 'login', loadChildren: './login/login.module#LoginPageModule', canActivate: [AngularFireAuthGuard], data: { authGuardPipe: redirectLoggedInToHome } },
      { path: 'welcome', loadChildren: './welcome/welcome.module#WelcomePageModule', canActivate: [AngularFireAuthGuard], data: { authGuardPipe: redirectUnauthorizedToLogin } }

You can look at the details from here:

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Your Code is logic, but we need to see your services code.

Start trying to display messages with the console, in your function ionViewWillEnter() to test if the code is realy executed, try to display your user also.

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You can follow this example. You can use canLoad instead of canActivate which will be faster if you use lazy loading.

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