php echoing angle brackets

I want to display text on the page, the text should look like this:

<sometext> ... but when I echo this, nothing appears!!

How ca I do this?

A "page" is written in HTML, so < means "Start a tag".

You have to represent characters with special meaning in HTML using entities.

You can write them directly, or make use of the htmlspecialchars function.

echo "&lt;sometext&gt;";
echo htmlspecialchars("<sometext>");

php echoing angle brackets, php echoing angle brackets. 64. December 07, 2019, at 05:10 AM. I want to display text on the page, the text should look like this: <sometext> but when I echo� Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML.

You probably want &lt;sometext&gt;.

If that text is coming from user input, you should definitely use htmlspecialchars() on it, to help prevent XSS.

How to display XML in HTML in PHP?, html entities can be used to escape the angle brackets. This has been shown below − <?PHP echo '<pre>', htmlentities($string), '</pre>'; ?>. Well i need to echo this exact text and keep the same formatting e(72,0,0,-,false,nav9, how can i store that in a variable without getting unexpected bracket errors when i try to echo it

This is because the browser assumes it is an unknown tag. If you want the browser to show it, use:

echo '&lt;sometext&gt;'; 

or use the htmlentities function like so:

echo htmlentities('<sometext>');

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You need to call htmlentities() to convert the HTML metacharacters into something that will display properly.

[PDF] Template Attribute Language for PHP 2008, You have to keep jumping back and forth between HTML and PHP mode, and PHP's angle brackets look <h1>Hello <?php echo htmlspecialchars($world); ? >� Brackets - PHP Runtime Not Found (Fixed) - Duration: 2:58. MessOrganized 36,333 views. 2:58. How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking | How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years -

PHP quotemeta() Function, echo quotemeta($str); ?> period (.) backslash (\); plus sign (+); asterisk (*); question mark (?); brackets ([]); caret (^); dollar sign ($); parenthesis (()). Tip: This � Round brackets are so common in PHP. They are used in expressions, functions, control structures and loops.

Including Angle Brackets In Pre Sections, the trim() function will remove any whitespace at the start & end of the string. <pre ><?php echo trim(htmlspecialchars($thecode)� in the rendered page. If you look in the source, you’ll see that html entities have replaced the angle brackets. While this works nicely for the elements of an array, it prevents the pre tag from doing its job, so you end up with a glop of keys and values.

Only get text within brackets?!? - PHP, text within brackets []? This is what I have tried so far: $str = "I only want this number, [256] to be in my string!"; $out = preg_match("/[(.*?)]/", $str); echo 'What… That doesn't look like any PHP code that I know. Doesn't PHP support substitution with regular expressions? I'm always getting confused between Perl and PHP. Use the function strip_tags() to strip HTML from strings. Thanks, I'll do that instead.--Transpose hotmail and mxsmanic in my e-mail address to reach me directly.

  • What? Give us something to work with. If you echo "<sometext>"; it should work. So please give us a snippet of your code.
  • BTW, those are not square brackets, they are less than and greater than. Sometimes people call them angle brackets.
  • if Im using the <` in email headers, shall I use the htmlspecialchars() function?
  • No. Email headers are not web pages. You must conform to the syntax of whatever header you are dealing with.
  • s/htmlentities/htmlspecialchars/
  • I'd go for htmlspecialchars() as htmlentities() does way more than needed in this case