How to change Spring's @Scheduled fixedDelay at runtime

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I have a requirement to run a batch job at a fixed interval and have the ability to change the time of this batch job at runtime. For this I came across @Scheduled annotation provided under Spring framework. But I'm not sure how I'd change the value of fixedDelay at runtime. I did some googling around but didn't find anything useful.

You can use a Trigger to dynamically set the next execution time. See my answer here:

Scheduling a job with Spring programmatically (with fixedRate set dynamically)

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create interface , something like that:

    public abstract class DynamicSchedule{
         * Delays scheduler
         * @param milliseconds - the time to delay scheduler.
        abstract void delay(Long milliseconds);

         * Decreases delay period
         * @param milliseconds - the time to decrease delay period.
        abstract void decreaseDelayInterval(Long milliseconds);

         * Increases delay period
         * @param milliseconds - the time to increase dela period
        abstract void increaseDelayInterval(Long milliseconds);

Next, lets implement Trigger interface that is located at org.springframework.scheduling in the spring-context project.

import org.springframework.scheduling.TaskScheduler;
import org.springframework.scheduling.Trigger;
import org.springframework.scheduling.TriggerContext;

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.concurrent.ScheduledFuture;

public class CustomDynamicSchedule extends DynamicSchedule implements Trigger {

    private TaskScheduler taskScheduler;
    private ScheduledFuture<?> schedulerFuture;

     * milliseconds
    private long delayInterval;

    public CustomDynamicSchedule(TaskScheduler taskScheduler) {
        this.taskScheduler = taskScheduler;

    public void increaseDelayInterval(Long delay) {
        if (schedulerFuture != null) {
        this.delayInterval += delay;
        schedulerFuture = taskScheduler.schedule(() -> { }, this);

    public void decreaseDelayInterval(Long delay) {
        if (schedulerFuture != null) {
        this.delayInterval -= delay;
        schedulerFuture = taskScheduler.schedule(() -> { }, this);

    public void delay(Long delay) {
        if (schedulerFuture != null) {
        this.delayInterval = delay;
        schedulerFuture = taskScheduler.schedule(() -> { }, this);

    public Date nextExecutionTime(TriggerContext triggerContext) {
        Date lastTime = triggerContext.lastActualExecutionTime();
        return (lastTime == null) ? new Date() : new Date(lastTime.getTime() + delayInterval);

now configuration:

public class DynamicSchedulerConfig {
    public CustomDynamicSchedule getDynamicScheduler() {
        ThreadPoolTaskScheduler threadPoolTaskScheduler = new ThreadPoolTaskScheduler();
        return  new CustomDynamicSchedule(threadPoolTaskScheduler);

and usage:

public class TestSchedulerComponent {

    private CustomDynamicSchedule dynamicSchedule;

    @Scheduled(fixedDelay = 5000)
    public void testMethod() {


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You can also use Spring Expression Language (SpEL) for this.

@Scheduled(fixedDelayString = "#{@applicationPropertyService.getApplicationProperty()}")
public void getSchedule(){
   System.out.println("in scheduled job");

public class ApplicationPropertyService {

    public String getApplicationProperty(){
        //get your value here
        return "5000";

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AFAIK the Spring API won't let you access the internals you need to change the trigger. But you could instead configure manually the beans:

<bean id="simpleTrigger" class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.SimpleTriggerBean">
    <property name="jobDetail" ref="jobDetail" />
    <property name="startDelay" value="10000" />
    <property name="repeatInterval" value="50000" />

<bean class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.SchedulerFactoryBean">
    <property name="triggers">
            <ref bean="simpleTrigger" />

Then as documented in SchedulerFactoryBean:

For dynamic registration of jobs at runtime, use a bean reference to this SchedulerFactoryBean to get direct access to the Quartz Scheduler (org.quartz.Scheduler). This allows you to create new jobs and triggers, and also to control and monitor the entire Scheduler.

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