Is it possible to get all photo locations with properties when querying a RETS server using DMQL2?

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I would like to download all property listings from a RETS server, including all photo URLs. I'm using DMQL2 and the PHRETS library. Properties and photo objects are stored in the RETS server in different tables.

To get all the photos, I know I can download the list of properties, then loop through each and retrieve the photos for each property like this:

$results = $rets->Search($resource, $class, $query);
foreach ($results as $r) {
    $photos = $rets->GetObject('Property', 'Photo', $r->get('ListingID'), '*', 1);
    foreach ($photos as $p) {
        // Save the photo locations somewhere…

This is incredibly slow because there are many thousands of properties.

Is it possible to request all photos along with properties in a single query by joining the property and object tables (like a LEFT JOIN in MySQL)?

Or, is there a way to download all photo objects in one request, so I can correlate them to properties using their ListingID key?

Any other suggestions for getting all the data more quickly?

Partially possible, but then currently can't download entire photos along with properties in a single query.

We can download multiple listing's images in a single query. Check the sample query below.

$photos = $rets->GetObject("Property", "Photo", "12345,12346,12347", "*", 1);
foreach ($photos as $p) {
    $listingId = $p['Content-ID']; // save photo based on each listingIds

Here 3rd parameter we can provide comma separated listingIds. Thereby you can pass the listingIds as batches.

Note: Still MLS holds the extraction speed. Some MLS boards may increase the bandwidth temporarily on request. Within that time try to extract full images.

DMQL Tutorial, One of the big advantages to using RETS over a different delivery to tell the server specifically which records you'd like to be returned. a query language called DMQL (or, more recently, DMQL2) is used For Date, DateTime and Time fields, you're able to use special LIST_133, Picture Count, Int, 7. Is it possible to get all photo locations with properties when querying a RETS server using DMQL2? I would like to download all property listings from a RETS server, including all photo URLs. I'm using DMQL2 and the PHRETS library.

You can download all the photos at once. Some servers also support media resources and classes that allow you to get the URLs to all the photos for a listing or group of listings. If your server supports that, I would use it because it's typically faster.

Using phrets, I think downloading all the images at one time looks like this:

$photos = $rets->GetObject("Property", "Photo", $record[ListingID], "*", 1);

I copied that from this SO answer: PHRets: Using PHP to download real estate listing photos

Example RETS Session, Access to the various parts of a RETS server is handled using HTTP requests to An example would be the Listing Status field to learn that the possible values are Perform a query to retrieve all Residential properties where the Listing Status as Active; Retrieve the main photo for a returned property; Retrieve all photos� Properties that are get or set using a property handler that is defined by another app (like Microsoft Word) may not be accessible. Instead, you can try to get these properties using a file query that is backed by the system index. For more information, see QueryOptions.

Using GetObject function, It's not possible to get images of more than one listing in a request. However, you can send a request on Media Resource and get images of more than one listing, if MLS Server support that.

[PDF] AAAvvvaaannntttiiiaaa NAR RETS IDX Users Guide, All of the software needed to run this program is contained within the setup.exe file and/or MLS or RETS Server in combination with the RETS Transaction and a The object id is the number of the photo to be returned. a free-form query using either the DMQL or DMQL2 query language defined in the. Access Location Information Attached to a Photo. The first step would be to access the EXIF data attached to the Photo and see if it contains the information about the location at which the Photo was taken. 1. First, download the Photo to your Windows Computer or Mac. 2. Next, right click on the Photo and then click on Properties (See image

troydavisson/PHRETS: PHP client library for interacting with , PHP client library for interacting with a RETS server to pull real estate listings, photos and other data made available from an GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and Note: In order to grab records from a RETS server, you need to first know the types of information you're allowed to get� Photo Location Viewer is a simple photo viewer application. This application display all photos in your Picture Library. All photos will be group by the timeline, year and month. Each photo will be display with full information, includes location map data if have.

[PDF] RETS 1.9 Specification, that satisfies all the MUST and all the SHOULD requirements for its protocols is said to The agent-code is the code that is stored in the property records for the listing agent, Location. Therefore, it may not be possible for those servers to return a The only valid value for RETS 1.8 is "DMQL2" which indicates the query. If all your geotagged photos are on your mobile device and you don’t want to put them all on your computer to work with them, there’s an additional option. PixelGarde is a free application available for both Windows and OS X as well as Android and iOS devices. Using the application it’s easy to strip EXIF data in bulk right from your device.

[PDF] Data Distribution Facility Data Feed Technical Documentation, architecture to facilitate the transfer of data between the CREA server and the Select is only supported for Property queries in Compact or Compact-Decoded format. When requesting all photos for a property, they will all be bundled up in a DDF� as compatible as possible with commonly used RETS tools, CREA's� Like Metapicz, Pic2Map will also collect additional data from the photo like make and model of the device, ISO speed, focal length, shutter speed, GPS info, and so on. You will have to scroll a

  • Hi slim. That code works fine, but it only retrieves images for the one listing specified by the MLS ID $record[ListingID]. I'd like to get all images for all listing in one query.
  • It is possible to get images of more than one listing in a request. Check my answer