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So I'm trying to do something very simple and I'm stuck. I have a String variable and within that variable I Wanna set line break so certain part of the text goes to new line.

What I have tried:

title: string = "My \n Title";
title: string = "My\ Title";
title: string = "My\
title: string = "My" + "\n" + "Title";

I have tried many variations but its just not working. Am I being stupid and missing something very obvious?

Not a duplicate as I have tried the <br/> and it has not worked.


The variable is being printed in the browser HTML like so {{title}}

Here are two demonstrably working versions...

White Space

Solution One... if you want newlines to be respected in HTML... (works with the back-tick strings, or with 'My \ntitle'...

document.getElementById('example').innerHTML = `My
h1 {
  white-space: pre;
<h1 id="example">


multi-line text will not do line break in view � Issue #7781 � angular , and I like it very much so for. I have a couple of translations that need line breaks on a translatable string. I've tried adding \n and , but none Using normal strings, you would have to use the following syntax in order to get multi-line strings: console.log('string text line 1 ' + 'string text line 2'); // "string text line 1 // string text line 2" Using template literals, you can do the same like this:

In html add style:

<div style="white-space: pre-line">{{DialogText}} </div>

Use '\n' to add newline in the typescript.

this.DialogText = "Hello" + '\n' + "World";

Same in stackblitz:

Put line breaks inside translatable string � Issue #595 � angular , <label>Enter some text with line breaks:</label>. 8. <textarea class="form-control " ng-model="demo.body"></textarea>. 9. </div>. 10. 11. <div class="form-group">. AngularJS Interpolation - Interpolation markup with embedded expressions will provide data-binding to text nodes and attribute values. The AngularJS allows the user to manually run the template compilation.

You can also use a readonly textarea element instead of <div or <p> to keep the format of original string.

Angular line break filter, In order to add line-break in tool-tip content for angular bootstrap tool-tip component, Takes an expression that evaluates to an HTML string. The user is responsible for ensuring the content is safe to put into the DOM! new line/line -break use uib-tooltip-html instead of uib-tooltip, make sure you have� If I use the first line of the above code I don't see anything but there is not a new line in the redered html. If I use the second line the <br> get rendered as text and the output looks like this: Instinct<br>Media instead of . Instinct Media

try like this

<div ng-bind-html="myMsg"></div>

$scope.myMsg =  `Below is the result:  <br>Successful:1,  <br>Failed:2`  // Use backtick

AngularJS: Add line-break or HTML Elements in Angular Bootstrap , The Newline Character \n. To keep long concatenation output readable, JavaScript provides two ways to create line breaks within your string. The first is the� If another directive accesses attribute data before interpolation has run, it will get the raw interpolation markup and not data. It impacts performance, as interpolation adds another watcher to the scope. Since this is not recommended usage, we do not test for this, and changes to AngularJS core may break your code.

You have done the right thing. But if you are showing this in a browser, the \n means didley.

You have to do:

title: string = "My<br>Title"

Now if you are using a fancy front end tool like React, you will have to deal with unsafe HTML in strings...

Creating Line Breaks In JavaScript Strings, If you are using Angular and want something like Rails' simple_format which HTML-formats a plain-text input into paragraphs and line breaks, this directive is for� I have a multi-line text data from database and want it to be displayed as {{text}} in template. However the result just display a text string, no line break. br is just ignored.

AngularJS directive to format a text with paragraphs and new lines , The class instance can have properties and we can bind those properties to portions of our template by using string interpolation via the {{ }} syntax. Interpolation. Currently the setup and punchline is hardcoded into the HTML template of our� You can combine $ and @ together to get string interpolation and multi-line string literal: var str = $@"some text { } more text { }"; But that will give you a NewLine character in between, so it might not be what you want.

String Interpolation • Angular, If the interpolated value is not a String , it is computed as follows: These directives take an expression inside the attribute, and set the corresponding If one wants to modify a camelcased attribute (SVG elements have valid camelcased usage, we do not test for this, and changes to AngularJS core may break your code. Googling angularjs nl2br yielded this result: AngularJS - Remove from data. Namely the last answer which demonstrates how to replace new lines with <br /> using a filter. Combine that with ng-bind-html, as the unsafe version might not be currently available.

Interpolation, Here is code: I'm trying to achieve this: -1 -2 -3. You can add a new line in a string with "\n" the loop, but that is out of the scope of this question and I think should go into the react help category. 5. Difference between Interpolation and Property Binding. Interpolation is a special syntax that Angular converts into property binding (pair of square bracket). It’s a convenient alternative to property binding. Another major difference is that to set an element property to a non-string data value, we must use property binding.

  • Possible duplicate of New Line '\n' is not working in Typescript
  • @LucaKiebel not a duplicate as I have tried the solution in that question and it has not worked.
  • @Skywalker what exactly do you expect the newline to do? The \n escape definitely includes a newline character in a string. Depending on how the string is actually used, that may or may not be detectable.
  • Where exactly do you want to print it ? It matters: console.log or browser HTML render behaves differently.
  • @rweisse That's a linting preference, not a standard.
  • Close, but OP is using angularjs. Just make it <h1 style="white-space: pre;">{{title}}</h1> and this is a working solution for the OP
  • Hi @mhodges I wanted to create a short working example... but I'll add a note about that.
  • This question is tagged as "React", JSX will render "My<br>Title" with proposed code.
  • The accepted solution is excellent, because it's purely CSS and has nothing to do with React or Angular. JSX however will not render this string. You will have to do this: <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: "My<br>Title"}}/>