How to send data from Python script to JavaScript and vice-versa?

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I am trying to make a calculator (with matrix calculation also). I want to make interface in JavaScript and calculation stuff in Python. But I don't know how to send parameters from python to JavaScript and from JavaScript to python.

Edit: I want to send data via JSON (if possible).

In your javascript, you need to make a AJAX call to your server where your python is running. A package like axio will make things much easier:

The following javascript will invoke the RESTAPI and perform according to the response

var promise = axios.create({ baseURL: "https://yourhost/rootpath/", timeout: 100000 }).get("path/to/rest")
promise.then((response) = > {... do something ...})

On your Flask application, you define a function which is attached to your specified RESTApi Paht like this:

@app.route('path/to/rest', methods=['GET'])
def do_something():
    return {"result" : "value" }

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You would have to essentially set both of them up as API's and access them via endpoints.

For Javascript, you can use node to set up your API endpoint, and for Python use Flask.

Talking to Python from JavaScript (and Back Again!) — Andrew Healey, Let's learn how to pass data back and forth between languages. Objects — key /value pairs like a JavaScript Object , and a Python Object or I'm running the following snippets in <script> tags inside templates/index.html . Sockets (aka socket programming) enable programs to send and receive data, bi-directionally, at any given moment. This tutorial walks through how you can send data from device-to-device, client-to-server, and vice versa using socket programming in Python.

I presume you are talking about displaying on a webpage? You will need to have some web framework like flask, django etc to process the web page request, then render the html.

Typically, when you render the html, you can generate json objects so your javascript can read.

Alternatively your javascript will make an ajax call to the server so that you python can return json response.

I've used to implement some APIs, you don't need heavy frameworks like Django if you are only displaying a simple page.

How to convert Python to JavaScript (and back again), Here are four tools that turn Python to JavaScript for use in web applications. Scripts written in Python can be included directly in a webpage. local storage, if all you need is some way to persist data on a per-application basis. necessary for a Python developer to write JavaScript code and vice versa. I am pretty sure that VBScript can access a Python script because Python is COM compliant. On the other hand, Python might be able to call a VBScript through WSH. Can somebody provide a simple example? I have exactly 4 days of experience in Python (and fortunately, much more in VB6) Thanks.

So you would want to create a server with Python in which your JavaScript makes AJAX calls to endpoints that you create with your Python server.

In your calculator example, you would send the parameters of the calculation to the server (lets say /calculate endpoint). The server would make the calculation, and would return the value back to the JavaScript front end for it to display.

Passing variables from python to html, I want to pass information from this dict to JavaScript in the view. py $param1 Using electron to pass html variables to local python script (self. walks through how you can send data from device-to-device, client-to-server, and vice versa� If your python code produces (part of) a webpage directly, you can also use passthru. The output of the python script will be sent directly to the web browser. (e.g. if your python script produces "open" or "closed" if you call it asking for the status, you could call: echo "The shades are now ";

How to Get Python and JavaScript to Communicate Using JSON, Go ahead and save this script as in a suitable location. You will use JSON to send data between Python and Javascript, and� Tip: JScript, C#Script and C++Script use the same scripting engine, so there is no need to convert scripts from one of these languages to another. You can use JScript code with no changes in C#Script and C++Script projects, and vice versa.

A while ago I asked how VBScript can be called from Python. The two answers I received suggested using win32com.client and MSScriptControl.ScriptControl. This solution required embedding the VBScript code inside the Python script. Here's a shell approach that runs an existing VBScript file: Python script import os import sys

  • are you writing an application which has Javascript on the interface and the backend is written in Python? If yes, what framework are you using ?
  • Is this answer to your question…
  • @KeZhu Yes, python as a backend and JS as a frontend. I am using Flask. I am hoping to transfer data as JSON but don't know how to proceed.
  • Thanks for answering the question. I don't want to use API specifically. Is there any way I can use JSON??
  • API and JSON are two completely different things. There's no way for you to grab data from Javascript to Python without having a server or a means for those two scripts to communicate with each other. JSON is just a data structure.
  • How do I make an AJAX call? Would you link some tutorial or reference? Thanks