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Here I have "list.txt" whose contents are as follows: (This list is the name of the folder)


I want to combine it into a path. I tried the following script:

set drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018\
set /p Build=<"list.txt"
echo %Build%%source%

But only the first row is displayed.

Then I tried to change the file "list.txt" whose contents are as follows:


But I still cannot solve this problem.

Please help me to make the final result as below and I hope there is no need to change "list.txt":



You can use a for /f loop to iterate over the text file.

set "drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018\"
for /f %%A in (list.txt) do (
    echo %drive_path%%%A

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Doing set /p Build=<"list.txt" will only read the first line into a variable.

You need to use a for loop.

rem notice there is no slash at the end of the path
set "drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018"

for /f %%A in (list.txt) do (
    echo %drive_path%\%%A


/f - Allows us to loop through a command or a text file.

%%A - The variable that will hold the line, allowing us to work with it.

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With the first version of your list.txt, the already existing answers work fine.

If you want to work with your second version (consisting of "%drive_path%\2018-08-06"-line entries), you have to evaluate the "variable" in your textfile. To do that, you need another layer of parsing. A simple call can deliver that:

set "drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018"
for /f %%A in (list.txt) do call echo %%A

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  • This really works, friend. but how do I write directly to the txt file? if I try this script: > "list_fixed.txt" where do i put it?
  • @bede - after the last )
  • i try this: set "drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018\" for /f %%A in (list.txt) do ( echo %drive_path%%%A )>list_fixed.txt but only first line displayed
  • i try this again: set "drive_path=Z:\myfolder\2018\" for /f %%A in (list.txt) do ( echo %drive_path%%%A >"list_fixed.txt" ) same friend, only first line write to list_fixed.txt. How to fix friend?
  • Use the first one you tried, but use >> instead of >.
  • This is the same as my answer, except you're wrong about what /f is.
  • @SomethingDark - How about now?
  • Much better. Good job!
  • This really works, awesome friend. but how do I write directly to the txt file? if I try this script: > "list_fixed.txt" where do i put it?
  • @bede - place that line inside the for loop. >> list_fixed.txt. If this is still causing you trouble, post another question, but don't forget to check mark an answer here.