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I need to add padding (not margins) to each cell in a recycler view. The elements of this recycler view are used throughout my app, so I don't want to add the padding directly to the XML.

I understand that we can use decorators to add margins to the children of the recycler view, but what is the best way to add padding? The issue I have with the decorator is that the background color of the cells does not extend to the edges of the recycler view when I use it.

Is there a way to do this, or should I duplicate the XML for each cell type to add padding?

I searching in google and Android documentation, I found this link go to the link, which margin the items of recycler view using RecyclerView.ItemDecoration but not padding. instead remove mPadding value or assign = 0 then add this code view.setPadding(5,5,5,5);

    public void getItemOffsets(Rect outRect, View view, RecyclerView parent, RecyclerView.State state) {
        view.setPadding(5,5,5,5); // add left, top, right, bottom 5px
        final int itemPosition = parent.getChildAdapterPosition(view);
        if (itemPosition == RecyclerView.NO_POSITION) {

then call the class in mainActivity


Margin/padding in last Child in RecyclerView, Instead of adding padding to both the top and bottom items, You can just add the padding to the top and bottom of your RecyclerView and set the clipToPadding attribute to false . Add android:clipToPadding="false" and android:paddingBottom="100dp" in your recyclerview. But some might miss out how to set the recycler view’s cells’ margin in the right way. What is needed We have a RecyclerView with cells, and we want the cell have equal margin on the top

I hope i understand that you don't want to add padding to the main XML file, because to achive this you could just add padding to the item XML.

When you add the padding to the XML file related to the item, all item have it.

so if we have to XML, one for main activity in which we show all class of a school there will be a class_item.xml

        android:text="Class name"
        tools:ignore="HardcodedText" />

Right way of setting margin on Recycler View's cell | by Elye, But some might miss out how to set the recycler view's cells' margin in the right way. We could just add margin to the card cell as below. All horizontal margin becomes 2x the size, except for the top cell's top margin and� Consider using view binding instead of findViewById(). Add a list adapter. To feed all your data to the list, you must extend the RecyclerView.Adapter class. This object creates views for items, and replaces the content of some of the views with new data items when the original item is no longer visible.

If I understand you well, you want to set padding in code (programmatically). You can do it by using method on your root View of recycler item: setPadding(int left, int top, int right, int bottom)

Add Spacing to Recycler View Linear Layout Manager Using Item , Add spacing between linear recycler view items using item decoration. [There are even left, right, top, bottom margins for all the rows except� Recycler view is a more advanced version of listview and works based on View holder design pattern. Using recyclerview we can show grids as well as a list of items. This example demonstrates how to integrate RecyclerView by creating a beautiful student records app that displays student name with age.

Margin/padding in last Child in RecyclerView, I'm trying to add Padding/Margin Bottom in the last row and Padding/Margin Top in the first row. I can not do it in the item xml as it would affect all of my Childs. Add meta-data: Add metadata to the app module's AndroidManifest.xml file under the application tag. You can add as many metadata elements as you want and you can also add metadata under the activity, service, broadcast receiver, content provider tags.

Add margins to divider in RecyclerView, Add equal spacing to RecyclerView items automatically. Can handle Right way of setting margin on Recycler View's cell, Everyone uses RecyclerView today. How to add divider to list and recycler views. The first think which might come to your mind is to include a view with the height of “1dp” in the bottom of your custom view’s layout :

Equal column spacing for Android RecyclerView, In your source code, add ItemOffsetDecoration to your recyclerview. Also, set item offset value as padding for its recyclerview, and specify when I am coming back to my previous activity the space automatically becomes 2 times every time. 2. Get the selected json row node from the list of json node on click event. I am sure your recycler view will have an array list store all its rows values. In recycler view click event, using row index value you can get selected row from array list. 3. Pass the selected object to next activity by setting the values into Intent object.