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I have a points system in place, at the moment, a customer gets assigned points and for every 500 points they get awarded a £5 voucher.

At the moment this is what I have, if someone is on 900 points then the output is showing that they have earned £10 so far which is incorrect. How can I round down so it'll just show £5 then when they get over 1000 points it'll show £10 etc.

  <?php if($total >= 500) {
    $voucher_count = $total / 500;
    $voucher_rounded = round($voucher_count, 0) . "<br />";
    $voucher_total = $voucher_rounded * 5; ?>
    <p class="earnings-to-date">You've earned £<?php echo $voucher_total; ?> so far</p>
  <?php } ?>

Just use the modulo operator (%) to filter out the extra 400 (or whatever it is) before dividing by 500:

$total = 900;

if($total >= 500) {
    $voucher_count = ($total - $total % 500) / 500;
    $voucher_total = $voucher_count * 5;
    echo $voucher_total;



The modulo operator calculates the remainder of a division by the specified number. In this case:

($total - $total % 500) / 500;

Works out the remainder ($total % 500 = 400), subtracts it from $total and then divides by 500.

php - Incorrect rounding issues, round down instead of up, I have a points system in place, at the moment, a customer gets assigned points and for every 500 points they get awarded a �5 voucher. At the moment this is� Well, round off is what you usually do. If you have 0.9, 9 is above 5 so you'd round to 1. If you have 0.1, the digit you are rounding is less than 5, so you would round down to 0.

floor — Round fractions down

$total = 900;

if($total >= 500) {
    $voucher_count = $total / 500;
    $voucher_rounded = floor($voucher_count);
    $voucher_total = $voucher_rounded * 5; 
    echo $voucher_total; // Output: 5

Round-off error, A roundoff error, also called rounding error, is the difference between the result produced by a digit is even when there is a tie ensures that it is not rounded up or down systematically. instead of y 0 {\displaystyle y_{0}} {\displaystyle y_{0}} . The condition number of a problem is the ratio of the relative change in the� To avoid rounding errors while calculating, you can set the decimal place as you need. 1. Select the cells which contain formulas, and then right-click to select Format Cells from the context menu. See screenshot: 2.

Simply use floor:

$voucher_total = round(floor($total/500)) * 5;

ROUND Function Not Always Rounding, Hello, I have an issue with the round function. We are rounding after a complex function and then taking the text This returns “2.5100000000000002” instead of the expected "2.51". ROUND(2.509, 2, UP) = 2.5100000000000002 0,1, or 2 it should not be a problem for us right, could you pleae give me� I am using excel to keep a record of wage, holiday pay and pay after NI insurance. I have got this workingwhich I'm chuffed with as I've never properly used excel, but I've noticed that the amounts that have 5 as the 3rd decimal p[lace eg £10.975 round DOWN to £10.97 instead of correctly rounding UP to £10.98.

Accountants' guide to Excel – dealing with rounding errors, Columns of numbers will add up without rounding differences with no need to use all references to our VAT rate cell use the value 0 rather than 0.2. Excel Tip of the Week #42 - ROUND, ROUNDDOWN, ROUNDUP it's worth mentioning that the first step in solving the problem had nothing to do with. The precise calculation for cell C1 is 3×1.3+1.4=5.3. This result can be met by rounding up the value 1.4 to 2: However, think-cell round can only “cheat” by rounding up or rounding down. Further deviation from the original values is not supported. Thus, for certain combinations of input values, no consistently rounded solution can be found.

How to Round Numbers in Python, Apply Python's round() method to return a floating point number rounded off to the given ndigits Rounding DownSimilar to rounding up we have another strategy called rounding down Here we are using math.floor() instead of math. ceil(). > digits, but this value can be altered by the user to match the problem at hand. For example if you want to round to two decimals, one should round off the third decimal. If the decimal that one requires to round is over 5, you will round the preceding decimal upwards 1. However, if the decimal is less than 5, you will not adjust the preceding decimal, but instead just delete the subsequent digits up to decimal you want to

How to Use Excel Rounding Functions, How to use Excel Rounding functions to round a number up or down. Troubleshoot Excel rounding problems. In the screen shot below, the total appears to be incorrect, because 2+3 does not equal 4. Instead of hard coding the multiple into the formula, it is entered in cell B9, where it can be changed� Choose Math & Trig to open the function drop-down list. Select ROUNDDOWN in the list to bring up the function's dialog box. In the dialog box, select the Number line. Select cell A2 in the worksheet to enter that cell reference into the dialog box as the location of the number to be rounded. Select the Num_digits line.