When I want to install MySQL I faced this issue "root account password" I forgot it

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This is when installation of MySQL and its request the root password but I forgot the password

Just reset your previous password using this command after login from a terminal

 ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'MyNewPass';

for more details refer to this link https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/resetting-permissions.html

MySQL Installation Guide :: 5.5 Troubleshooting a , Your first resource when troubleshooting server issues is the error log. If you have installed MySQL to a directory other than C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL� Temporarily rename the MySQL installation folder. Attempt to connect to the MySQL database from MapGuide Studio 2009. Once you have confirmed that a successful connection can be made, revert the folder to its original name and uninstall MySQL. If you wish, you can install the MySQL ODBC 3.51 Connector, available from the following webpage:

I think that your data folder still exists in the same directory that you want to reinstall. I suggest the following

Copy the previous data folder to a different drive (or folder) as a backup if you still want to use it later. If you're using Windows, you'll be prompted a message to confirm data folder removal when uninstalling using the MySQL Installer:

When you see this prompt, you just open a new explorer and go to the directory then copy the data folder to another place. (Note that here my \Program Data folder is hidden in Windows). After you finished, just click "Yes" on the message and the installer will remove the data folder. The installer will request for a reboot after uninstalling and you can continue to reinstall afterwards.

If you didn't manage (or you don't want) to remove the previous data folder, you should encounter a "path conflict" message like this when reinstalling:

In this case, change both of the install & data directory to a different folder before you click "next".

How To Install MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04, This tutorial will explain how to install MySQL version 5.7 on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. However, if you're For fresh installations, you'll want to run the included security script. This changes Report an issue. About the I faced error: ERROR� MySQL Installer automatically installs MySQL Server and additional MySQL products, creates an options file, starts the server, and enables you to create default user accounts. For more information on choosing a package, see Section 5.2, “Choosing an Installation Package” .

You can directly change the root password with sudo passwd root. You should know the user password with which you're running this command.

MySQL installation error solve, MySQL installation error solve Thanks I have a same problem in windows 10 what we Duration: 4:12 Posted: Jan 31, 2017 Introduction. MySQL is a popular open source database and it can easily be installed on WIndows 7. This guide will walk you through the process for downloading, installing and configuring MySQL Server 5.6.X to work on computer intended to be used as a development box.

How to Install MySQL on Windows 7 and Things to Do Next, Read the step by step guide to install MySQL on Windows. allows quick integration with a no. of programming languages like Java, C#, and Python. helpful and addressing the common issues one might face during the MySQL installation. While upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04.1 to Ubuntu 16.04.03, we faced one issue that was unexpected. This incident is caused by MySQL server update while setting up the MySQL by apt, its hang on the server and will not work for leaving it around one hour. So we decide to remove MySQL ubuntu server and reinstall again, below are the steps that we

How to Install MySql Server?, Step by step process to install MySQL server using Mysql installer. you to follow the steps of the installation closely so you don't face any problem. In case you don't use it, you'll have to install other things like the Debug� dear @ffeingol and @cPanelLauren i want to make sure that all sites will be working after the upgrade especially when upgrading is successfully finished there is no downgrade if i face any issue with any site and i want to return back to old mysql version i just want to know what is the best backup plan that i should take after the upgrade if one of the sites is down and can't work

server - error while installing mysql 8 on ubuntu 18.04, Not sure if this is your case, but I've had similar results while trying to install MySQL 8 on Ubuntu 20.04. The cause appeared to be insufficient� Be sure to delete or rename any old configuration files when upgrading MySQL. If you have installed MySQL to a directory other than C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7, ensure that the MySQL server is aware of this through the use of a configuration (my.ini) file.

  • I found this online but I have not tried it myself. a2hosting.com/kb/developer-corner/mysql/…
  • Is this new installation?
  • Yes, but before i install MySQL
  • Did you remove the previous installation using the same MySQL Installer?
  • when i opened the documentation in step number 2: "Stop the MySQL server if it is running. For a server that is running as a Windows service, go to the Services manager: From the Start menu, select Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Services. Find the MySQL service in the list and stop it." i do not find the MySQL service