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I am learning to use Cypress. At this time, I have several spec files, structured as follows:


When a test run begins, I want to set a value, once. That value is coming from a web api. For that reason, I do not want to set that value before every single test. I also don't want to set it for every file. Instead, I only want to set it once. I then want to use that value in all of the tests ran in all of the spec.js files.

Is there a way to do this in Cypress? Kind of like a beforeAll or beforeSession? Or is there some other recommended way? The closest I saw was the [before][2] hook. Thank you.

Cypress fixture should work for you!

// cypress/fixtures/user.json
  "username": "tj",
  "password": "password"
// cypress/integration/login_test.js

cy.fixture('users').as('usersJson')  // load data from users.json

Variables and Aliases, I'd read that working with variables in Cypress tests was tricky, but I You cannot assign or work with the return values of any Cypress command. of Cypress commands changes the way we pass information between them,� Option #3: CYPRESS_* Any environment variable on your machine that starts with either CYPRESS_ or cypress_ will automatically be added and made available to you. Conflicting values will override values from your configuration file (cypress.json by default) and cypress.env.json files.

I had a similar question, but I wanted that variable to be dynamic. For example, I wanted the test user I was creating to have a date in its email, like

To do that and re-use it through all the tests I wanted to use the following code, but couldn't use a fixture since JSON isn't executable:

test+${new Date().getTime()}

I found the cypress/support/index.html useful (but I think you can initialize the variables in the specs too). By adding the following line to the file I was able to reuse that dynamic variable everywhere in my tests and it was unique to each cypress run.

// support/index.js

Cypress.config('email', `test+${new Date().getTime()}`)

And then in my tests


Working With Variables In Cypress Tests, add('stickyVariable', (name, value) => { if (value) { stickyVariables[name] = value; } return stickyVariables[name]; });. Can you please share your� How to share variable values in Cypress. Ask Question Asked 9 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 1k times 1. I am learning to use Cypress. At this time, I have

Executing code once before all specs:

You can use the before hook you've mentioned in cypress/support/index.js..Here's what comment in my local suppost/index.js file says (Cypress version 3.2)

    // This example support/index.js is processed and
    // loaded automatically before your test files.
    // This is a great place to put global configuration and
    // behavior that modifies Cypress.
    // You can change the location of this file or turn off
    // automatically serving support files with the
    // 'supportFile' configuration option.
    // You can read more here:

Tip: I'm using the exact same hook to execute a script which resets my DB state before the tests. I wasn't able to succesfully run some JS statements here, so I've put them to separate Node script and execute it with cy.exec(). I guess you could stdout the webapi value you need from that script. cy.exec() has means to read the output of commands it runs:

before(() => {
  cy.exec("node import-ui-test-data-to-firestore.js", {
    failOnNonZeroExit: false

Sharing variable among specs: I can't really offer an advice on sharing variable across all specs, but you might find this helpful -

Issue #1392 � cypress-io/cypress, Cypress test files are just regular JavaScript files that can require and import other JS files. For example you can add shared code to your support folder index. js� Return a single environment variable from configuration file (cypress.json by default) Boolean We automatically normalize both the key and the value when passed via the command line. Cypress will automatically convert values into Number or Boolean. CYPRESS_HOST = laura. dev CYPRESS_IS_CI = true CYPRESS_MY_ID = 123 cypress run

global variables usable in different js (test) files � Issue #1121 , cypress #env_variable #techieqa #techyqa #techqa #dharma Learn to create Learn to create Duration: 13:57 Posted: Mar 4, 2020 To apply specific Cypress configuration values to a suite or test, pass a configuration object to the test or suite function as the second argument. The configuration values passed in will only take effect during the suite or test where they are set.

Environment Variable with Cypress, Here, all the key-value pairs defined under the “env” will be considered as environment variables and can be accessed directly in the Cypress� Additionally, we highlight the same values from the plugins folder with the same color. The values with the green color highlight are from the exported variables. Moreover, we mention them at the top as well. The values with the orange color highlight are from the env file. Also, it is cypress.env.json, and the same gets highlighted as well.

What are Environment Variables in Cypress? How to Set & Access , The right way to pass in secrets to Cypress tests. Changhui In lines 5 and 6, Cypress accesses the environment variables to get values for the� is the kicker here. That ensures that it is grabbing the values from whatever the parent is. The reason I can't just go by name, is that every event will be named differently, so therefore, searching by name is unreliable. This way, it will get values from the parent, regardless of its name.