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i'm working on a project in which i have an android application project which has pom dependencies on other projects something like this:


while developing i always want Intellij to use the local source code from the some.project library i have in the project. the problem is it will pull version 1.0.0 from the server and use that. i tried using LATEST as version, this works fine as long as my some.project library version is updated to the latest version on the server. since we have automated builds that will increment the version for some.project when changes are made i will have a scenario in which my source says 1.0.0 but the server has 1.0.1 and again intellij will pull the server apklib

Any suggestions how to achieve this? if i could use a dev profile to somehow define this for development only and a prod profile to use exact version numbers (which it should) that will be amazing.


You can add a module dependency in IntelliJ: File->Project Settings->Modules click on the module -> click Dependencies tab and then click the green '+' sign and choose '3. Module dependency'.. add the module on which you want to depend locally and click the blue arrows to bring the module above the Maven dependencies.

Always prefer local module source over Maven dependencies , When issue happens when exact problem do you have: build fails or you see " red" code in Editor? How do you declare the dependency in pom� The goal is for IDEA to recognize that, although these are Maven modules, when working with them locally it should always prefer the local source code to the Maven dependencies (without requiring the poms for B and C to point to a snapshot version of A).

There is a checkbox "resolve Workspace artifacts" under Maven Run/Debug Configuration, select it then it'll work as expected.

Force IntelliJ to read local maven repository when it loses track of , Given a project consisting of two Maven-based modules, foo-common and foo- common locally, then when I'm ready to commit the code, release a module dependency, IDEA prefers the local changes in foo-common over� The dependency is also excluded from the Project and Maven tool windows. Import Maven dependencies. You can import dependencies to your Maven project. When IntelliJ IDEA imports the added dependency, it parses the dependency and updates your project. In the pom.xml file, add a dependency you need.

Assuming that you have the project organised as a multi-module project, and that you're talking about a dependency on a library that's one of the project's modules, then you need to use a snapshot dependency, and you need to use the full maven release process. As it is, you're depending on a pre-built, static version of the given library, but you need IntelliJ to look at the source and class you compile instead, and snapshot dependencies are used exactly for this purpose.

Override pom.xml dependency with local , I'm currently deploying project B to maven repository with snapshot (e.g version and currenty don't have .iml file in my projects, and I would prefer to keep it those Maven modules with sources which you have on your local� im having some trouble with maven. i have a android project with a dependency on a module we wrote which i have source code for and is in my project . something like: &lt;dependencies&gt;

How to load maven dependency from another , When using maven, first everything worked fine, but during the last module dependencies from maven instead of as a local module. Looks like we have similar issue on YouTrack: Did run into an issue that behaved like this - opened compiled code� TL;DR Hack - add as a library in IntelliJ project. Tactic - add as system scope in maven. Tactic/Strategic - install locally to .m2. Strategic - use a repository management tool, publish to maven central Sometimes you want to work with a jar file that isn’t hosted in maven central. It might be a 3rd party jar, it might be one that you have written.

We are dealing with the same problem...

"IDEA should resolve dependencies as a module dependency type (rather than a local jar Maven library) if this Maven project is opened in IDE and it's version matches the version, installed in a local Maven repository."

Our solution was to add local Maven profile in pom.xml and specify local dependency version. To make it work, you have to turn on local profile.


When local dependency is updated, you have to take care to update this version too, but currently this is the best solution we found and it's working for us.

IntelliJ does not recognize workspace maven modules – IDEs , Maven dependency in project module Follow Now I would like to move it to the module. So I create new module in this project (named "gis"), mark source root, and simply copy-paste code from project folder to module folder. and it completes successfully: build project, module and put them to local repo. For very quick hacks, add the .jar as an IntelliJ project dependency and bypass Maven. I demonstrate this in my free publication Java Desktop Application Technical Testing , and you can read a

Maven dependency in project module – IDEs Support (IntelliJ , I am using intellij to build my maven project. the project build intelliJ is not picking up those methods and it looks like they dnt exist but they do exists look to unresolved Maven dependencies but to unresolved local variables (it does copy back the code styles, run configurations and other configuration� Maven dependencies imported incorrectly. If for some reason the dependencies weren't imported correctly (IntelliJ IDEA highlights them), try to perform the following actions: You can check your local maven repository in the Maven | Repositories settings and try to update it.

Intellij not resolving maven dependencies – IDEs Support (IntelliJ , You can add, import Maven dependencies, and view them in the diagram. For example, check the following code: this dependency will only be available on your machine and you can use it only for the local deployment. Maven is cool with the pom dependencies but Intellij is not. mvn can compile and test but intellij won't build the project. Tonight it won't recognize that: import org.openqa.selenium.remote.DesiredCapabilities; is legit and in dependency: <dependency> <groupId>org.seleniumhq.selenium</groupId> <artifactId>selenium-java</artifactId>

Maven dependencies - Help, i'm working on a project in which i have an android application project which has pom dependencies on other projects something like this: <dependencies>� Adding Maven to IntelliJ. If you want to use Maven as your dependency manager (and if you don’t know, then use Maven), you’ll need to add it. To do so Right click on the project name in the top-left and click “Add Framework Support”, as in the example below. Select Maven and click Ok. The software should bring you to the Maven import