Redis Error reading from the server: Connection reset by peer

Redis Error reading from the server: Connection reset by peer

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I want use pipe mode insert some data to redis. When I run

cat test-TXT.txt |./redis-4.0.1/src/redis-cli -h --pipe

I get this error:

Error reading from the server: Connection reset by peer

This is test-Txt.txt content: enter image description here Redis.conf :

protected-mode no

other configuration used default. I can use logstash insert data to redis.

Try this:

cat test-TXT.txt; sleep 5 |./redis-4.0.1/src/redis-cli -h --pipe

Maybe it is because when cat process is done, it exits and cause the child process redis-cli exits also. So add sleep 5 to wait for reply.

Error writing to the server: Connection reset by peer � Issue #1250 , hello, i want to insert data use cat tempfile |redis-cli --pipe. but come to the error: Error writing to the server: Connection reset by peer ?? how� yes,I run "llen testpipemode" on redis-cli and it return "(integer) 0".I change test-TXT.txt and I also change the test-TXT.txt content picture in the Question.I dont know "<cr><lf>" and "\r " whitch one is what i shuold write in test-TXT.txt?

Check that you're using '\r\n' as line separator. Otherwise you can get into problems. You can verify if you are having errors removing --pipe:

cat test-TXT.txt | redis-cli -h

Got connection reset by peer while the restoring in the middle of the , redis-cli -h platform-test-small-redis-redis-ha.platform-test-small.svc.cluster.local - -pipe < redis-backup.resp Error reading from the server:� The redis-benchmark utility often stops with this error, when run from other host (that is, I ssh to HostB, then run redis-benchmark -h hostA). Errors occur in approximately 50-60% of cases. By debugging this problem, I've found that connection resets appear even if it simulates only one client (redis-benchmark -h hostA -c 1). There are no errors, if it simulates one request from one client (redis-benchmark -h hostA -n 1 -c 1) UPD. There are errors.

As well as line-separators, any other error in the protocol text will cause this error - including if the number after * or $ is wrong compared to the actual data.

How to Fix Redis CLI Error Connection Reset by Peer, CLI, we faced the following error $ ./redis-cli -c -h my-redis-server -p 6379 my- redis-server:6379> set a "hello" Error: Connection reset by peer� I have the same problem .I use nutcracker .but when I use" cat data.txt|redis-cli --pipe" ,Connection reset by peer is come.what can i do for this problem. Thank You! This comment has been minimized.

Error: Connection reset by peer while connecting to Elastic cache , redis cli error reading from the server connection reset by peer error connection reset by peer redis docker stunnel connection reset by peer python redis� Version: redis-py: 3.2.1 redis server: 5.0.5 Platform: Debian Description: I have a connection to the Server that is idle for a few hours, and when I try to perform an operation, I get a redis.exce

[root@dev redis] # redis-cli -p 6390 > keys * Error: Connection reset by peer My Dockerfile is: FROM centos:7 MAINTAINER someone RUN yum -y update; yum clean all RUN yum -y install epel-release; yum clean all RUN yum -y install redis; yum clean all USER root EXPOSE 6379 CMD [ "/usr/bin/redis-server" , "/etc/redis.conf" ]

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