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If you want to reset the seed value for an IDENTITY() column (after, for instance, having deleted all existing rows), you can use DBCC CHECKIDENT:

DBCC CHECKIDENT ("<Table Name>", RESEED, 1);

This has to be done on a per-table basis.

SqlCeEngine.Repair Method (System.Data.SqlServerCe), In SQL Server Compact 4.0, you can use this method to create a repaired database with a case-sensitive collation. If you set the connection� Ways to compact and repair a database Before you begin. Make a backup of the database During the repair process, Access may truncate some data from tables Automatically compact and repair a database when it closes. You can select the Compact on Close database option if you Manually compact and

DBCC CHECKIDENT (<tablename>, RESEED, 0)

SQL Server Compact – Repair Utility – Adel Omar Blogs, Sqlcecmd is an Administer SQL Compact databases directly from the command line, without having Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio installed. Only requires NetFx 2.0 and SQL Compact installed. Command line options similar to sqlcmd (for SQL Server). Also runs any SQL Compact script files. I have used C# System.Data.SqlServerCe version to create a .SDF database file. On opening the connection after creation, I sometimes receive the following error: The database file may be

Compact and repair in MS access does not (or at least, should not) reset auto-numbers (which in SQL server are called Identity columns).

That said, I think this article will help you: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/datacenter/how-do-i-reseed-a-sql-server-identity-column/406

Repair corrupt SQL Compact databases, To repair your corrupt SQL Compact database, do the following: Stop the Lansweeper Server service in Windows Services. Stop your web server service in Windows Services. Take a backup of your SQL Compact database by creating a copy of the following file: Run the following tool on your Lansweeper server: DBCC CHECKDB is the common choice for users to repair their database in SQL Server. However, it is not the only choice. If DBCC CHECKDB fails to work or you don't want to use the repair option - REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS, you can use EaseUS MS SQL Recovery to repair your database as alternative choice. 100 % of people found this article helpful.

Where is the SQL Server Compact "repair utility?", Verify()) { Console.WriteLine("Database is corrupted."); try { engine.Repair(null, RepairOption.DeleteCorruptedRows); } catch(SqlCeException� You can restore database from damaged MDF file in SQL Server with the help of versatile DBCC Check command. It is one and only solution that repair a corrupt database in Microsoft SQL Server effortlessly. Generally, there are two scenarios where you can use this method and fix SQL Server master database file.

AuditWizard - Administration, The database file may be corrupted. Run the repair utility to check the database file. The "repair utility" is Microsoft SQL Server Management�   There is no such "feature" in SQL Server.   Technically, you could "compact" a database file using DBCC SHRINKFILE, and you can "repair" a database using DBCC CHECKDB.   Neither of these should be used on a regular basis (save for using DBCC CHECKDB to check for database consistency, which should most certainly be done on a regular basis).

SQL Server Compact, Microsoft SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) is a compact relational database produced by is optional. The database can be compressed and repaired with the option of the compacted/repaired database to be placed into a new database file. Steps to Repair Damaged SQL Database From MDF File Download and run SQL Recovery Program on your local machine. After that, open the corrupt SQL database file (.mdf file) of your choice. Choose the